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Baumer IVO

The company offers display and adjustment of position of stops and formats in machines and systems, also measurement of inclination, acceleration and vibration. The total number of products offered by us from Baumer exceeds 22,000 items and covers the significant need of the automation market.

Compact drives / Baumer FlexiDrive

Compact drives / Baumer FlexiDrive

  • Decentralized intelligence for automated adjustment of axes at any, even inaccessible location
  • Relieves machine control and supports modularized machine concepts
  • Geared motor with absolute multiturn encoder, positioning electronics and fieldbus
  • Immediate machine availability after power-up without referencing
Spindle positioning systems Multicon

Spindle positioning systems Multicon

  • Modular system with spindle position displays and memory controller
  • Absolute multiturn encoder for immediate system availability after power-on without referencing
  • Manual adjustment or geared motor
  • LCD display for optimum readability directly on the adjustment device
  • Easy management of format recipes
Inclination sensors

Inclination sensors

  • Angle and rotation measurement, particularly where hardly accessible
  • Improved safety, for example at cranes
  • Robust, encapsulated housing with high IP rating
  • For durable use in harsh environment
  • Redundant version available
Vibration / acceleration sensors

Vibration / acceleration sensors

  • Acceleration sensors for detection of acceleration, vibration and shock levels at machines and facilities
  • Transmission of the measured acceleration values to master controller via CANopen or analog interface
  • Easy integration of redundant safety relay output into safety system
  • Redundant relay output will trip once the factory default limit has been exceeded