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Electronic indicating instruments visualise physical signals from measurement sensors. For example, a resistance signal from a temperature sensor is shown in degrees Celsius on the indicating instrument. Electronic controllers are used in applications where it is necessary to reach and maintain a particular level, such as a system temperature. The controller compares the actual measured process value with the desired value and independently generates an output signal that minimises the difference between the setpoint and actual values.

We offer solutions for various installation situations. Our standard electronic displays and controllers are plug-in modules for convenient front-panel mounting or replacement. We also offer instruments for rail mounting. If indication of setpoint and actual values is not necessary and little space is available for a control task, our blank controllers are the ideal solution. Parameter settings can be configured using a plug-in display and control module or a PC.

We offer various panel or rail mounting enable solutions for diverse installation situations. We also offer programmable measurement input ports, simplifying the connection of several measurement transducers and sensors. Customised OEM versions are possible to optimise the match between the indicating instrument or controller and your application.