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Distance measurement

Baumer IVO

The company offers single-turn and multi-turn magnetic absolute and incremental encoders, ultrasonic, optical and laser sensors, light barriers, counters, tachometers and much more. The total number of products offered by us from Baumer exceeds 22,000 items and covers the significant need of the automation market. Through a very strong local presence, we are able to be close to our customers. You will find us in 38 subsidiaries and 19 countries.


Laser distance sensors

  • Miniature sensors with high precision
  • Powerful sensors for factory automation
  • High performance sensors for demanding surfaces
  • Measuring distances up to 13 meters

Ultrasonic distance sensors

  • Small and light designs
  • Measurements in very small containers or openings
  • Large measuring ranges up to 6000 mm
  • Sturdy sensors for demanding environments

Radar sensors

  • Smallest radar sensor on the market (M30 housing)
  • Focused beam path
  • Measuring range up to 40 m
  • Immunity to ambient conditions and soiling

Inductive distance sensors

  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Measuring accuracy down to the nanometer range
  • Compact sensors with completely integrated evaluation electronics
  • Calibrated for minimum production lot variations

Linear magnetic encoders

  • Non-contact, wearfree magnetic sensing technology
  • Impervious to soiling and resistant against vibration
  • Extended life span thanks to robustness and durability in extreme conditions
  • Maximized machine and system uptime

Measuring wheel encoders

  • Programmable incremental encoders used in conjunction with measuring wheels
  • Particularly easy acquisition of position and speed with high flexibility
  • Perfect for ink jet and laser printing applications thanks to precise optical sensing