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Compact opto sensors

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Compact Transmitters STASTB

Compact Transmitters

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Made in Germany

Transmitter for the Compact Opto Sensor System. The whole system consists of one transmitter and one receiver. No external amplifier is required. The transmitter is all-purpose and the receiver is responsible for range and switching speed.

Two housing types are available: the round type (CLN/CLV) is suitable for wall mounting or a sensor mounting bracket and the rectangular type (LLA) is suitable for mounting on plane surfaces. The STB transmitter allows a range up to 40 m (131 ft).

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage12...30 V DC
Current consumption30 mA
Transmit lightInfrared 880 nm, modulated
Opening angle STA... / STB...20° / 6°
Modulation frequency11,7 kHz
Protection classIP 67
Operating temperature-25 °C ... +60 °C
Vibration10...55 Hz, 1,5 mm
Shock30 g

Ordering Information

VersionOrder code STA...
Opening angle 20°
Order code STB...
Opening angle 6°, High power
Round type, thread M12x1, nickel-plated brass, 4-pin plug M12STA-CLN-C4STB-CLN-C4
Round type, thread M12x1, nickel-plated brass, 5 m PVC cable *STA-CLN-5STB-CLN-5
Round type, thread M12x1, stainless steel, 4-pin plug M12STA-CLV-C4STB-CLV-C4
Round type, thread M12x1, stainless steel, 5 m PVC cable *STA-CLV-5STB-CLV-5
Rectangular type, aluminum anodized, 3-pin plug M8STA-LLA-B3STB-LLA-B3
Rectangular type, aluminum anodized, 5 m PVC cable *STA-LLA-5STB-LLA-5