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Paperless recorder DataVU 6

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Paperless Recorder
DataVU 6

Made in Germany

The DataVU 6 paperless recorder features a resistive touchscreen and an intuitive, icon-based operation and visualisation concept that makes it very easy to use. There are different versions of the DataVU 6 available for process data recording. These range from the device version without measuring input in which up to 24 process values are read (master) or received (slave) from external systems via Modbus, through to a device version with six measuring inputs (universal analogue inputs), two analogue outputs, 12 digital inputs, and 12 individually switchable digital inputs/outputs. In the version with FDA-compliant data recording all the requirements are met in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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The DataVU 6 can display data using the default visualizations, such as curve diagram (vertical or horizontal), bar graph, text image (numerical), or digital diagram. For batch-related processes a special batch recording is available which allows the storage of additional information. In addition, users can create up to six individual process screens with up to 100 ob-jects per process screen to fit their requirements using the setup program. In addition to the setup program further powerful PC programs are available, e.g. for the evaluation of archived data and for the administration of access control.

DataVU 6 together with the software is a complete system for electronic recording, storage, archiving and processing of large volumes of data. It is equipped with 3 or 6 freely programmable analogue inputs to which various primary transmitters (temperatures, pressures) can be connected. These data can be transferred to a USB stick. The device can be equipped with various interfaces and protocols (RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet), which allows access to data from external devices. The DataVU 6 recorder has a 5.7" TFT colour display.

Programming of the device is carried out by means of a screen or via a computer with a serial interface, and can also be performed by data transfer using USB stick. Users can create up to six separate process screens with a maximum of 100 objects on each screen. Other PC programs are also available, e.g. for the evaluation of archived data and for the administration of access control. The device has a front size of 144 x 144 mm and an IP 54 protection rating.

Main characteristics of the Paperless Recorder DataVU 6:

  • Intuitive touch operation
  • Brilliant TFT touchscreen (640 × 480, 65536 colors)
  • 1 GByte internal data memory
  • Up to two analog outputs
  • 24 external analog and digital channels via all interfaces (Modbus master/slave)
  • Horizontal and vertical line graph
  • Up to six customer-specific process screens
  • Ethernet interface (standard)
  • Integrated web server for online-visualization like at the device
  • Batch report recording
  • Batch control (start, stop, and texts) even via barcode scanner and interface
  • Modbus master function (even with Modbus/TCP)
  • Counters and integrators (six channels)
  • Math and logic module (six channels each) as extra code
  • Counter input (up to 12.5 kHz)
  • Automatic data read-out via PCA Communication Software PCC
  • Data recording compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (extra code)
  • Manipulation