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Single Loop Temperature Controller KS 50-1 KS 52-1

Single Loop Temperature Controller
KS 50-1
KS 52-1

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UL сертификат Made in Germany

Full Part Number: KS5☐-1☐☐-☐☐☐☐☐-☐☐☐

The universal KS 50-1 temperature controller is intended for precise and cost-effective control tasks. The instrument provides simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control or 3-point stepping control. The process value signal is connected via a universal input. A supplementary analog input can be used for heating current measurement or as an external set-point input. The KS 50-1 has three process outputs that can be 3 relays or 2 relays plus a universal output. This universal output can be used for operating a solid-state relay, a continuous current/voltage output or to energize a two-wire transmitter. Optionally there are two additional optocoupler outputs that can be used freely.

  • Universal continuous/switching version - for reduced stock
  • 100 ms cycle time - suitable for fast control loops
  • 20ms as shortest pulse - for very fast / strong actuators
  • Freely configurable analog output, e.g. as process value output
  • Customer-specific linearisation for all sensors
  • Settings can be blocked via password and internal switch for high security
  • Extended temperature range up to 60°C - allows mounting close to the process
  • Easy 2-point or offset measurement correction
  • Emergency operation after sensor break by means of the “output hold“ function
  • Logical combination of digital outputs, e.g. for general alarm
  • Programmer with 10 segments and “end“ signal
  • RS 422/485 Modbus RTU interface
  • Built-in transmitter power supply
  • Two switchable parameter sets
  • Self-Tune to setpoint without oscillation
  • 3-point controller for water, fan or oil cooling
  • Start-up circuit boost functions