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Temperature Limit ControllerTB 40-1

Temperature Limit Controller
TB 40-1

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UL сертификат Made in Germany

Full Part Number: TB40-1☐☐-000☐☐-☐☐☐

The TB40-1 limit controller has been type tested to DIN standards. The TB40-1 can be used for heating and refrigeration processes. It is suitable for all thermocouple types and resistance type sensors. All applications where an over or under temperature fault condition could present fire hazard or other hazard.

  • Applicable for heating and cooling applications
  • For all types of thermocouples and resistance transducers
  • BluePort Front interface and BlueControl Software
  • Maintenance manager and error list
  • Alarm reset via RESET-key
  • Alarm reset via digital
  • Type tested to EN 14597 and cULus