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Single Loop Controller KS94

Single Loop Controller KS94

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West Control Solutions will discontinue production of the following products and their accessories by the end of 2018: Controller PMA KS94 (part numbers 9407-92x-xxxx1, 9407-93x-xxxx1, 9408-92x-xxxx1, 9408-93x-xxxx1). In stock there are also KS94 regulators of various designs. A repair service for the products is still available. In the event that you actively use the affected products or need them as replacement parts, we would like to inform you about alternative products. KS94 - no direct replacement but good alternative products. Our tech support team will gladly help you to put together a suitable alternative device.

  • Controller KS92-1, a newer generation 96x96 controller, can replace the KS94 in many applications. The KS92-1 is cheaper and has a comparable operation. The configuration software BlueControl is the logical successor generation of the KS94 tool.
  • Controller KS98-2 is latest development and can easily provide a solution with a modern look & feel for all KS94 applications. It is freely programmable and therefore to be configured differently. It offers access to current topics such as touch operation and Ethernet communication.