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BG electric is a high-service distributor of technological products for automation systems.
BG electric is located in Germany and is the official distributor of the European manufacturers of industrial electronics and components for automation of production. With the full support of manufacturers, we offer a wide range of products for enterprises, system integrators, repair and service companies.

List of countries we shipped to from 2006 to 2020

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Baumer encoders: measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and shaft positions at machines and electrical drives

The HOG10 / POG10 series is the versatile product family of incremental HeavyDuty encoders. It is based on the enormous experience of Baumer, and always offers you an unrivalled robust and durable solution.

  • Highest availability and unrivalled durability under harshest ambient conditions
  • Failure safety in any environment
  • Efficient protection against bearing damage
  • Improved control quality and process control in the application
  • Reliable signal transmission over long distances
  • Standard explosion protection
  • Large variety of designs and options
  • Convenient diagnostics for higher availability

Advanced Energy Industries thyristor power controller supports multiple operating voltages and control modes

The SCR power controller Thyro  series is available in single-, dual-, and three-phase units, supports voltages up to 690V and currents up to 2900A, and offers superior interface options.

  • Precisely regulate power, including load management, for optimal control and energy consumption.
  • Customize faults, alarms, status, limits, and set points to easily integrate with existing control systems.
  • Intuitively set up and commission using an integrated touch-screen display.
  • 32-bit micro, 1.5 M measurements per sec, and 15-bit resolution, better than 0.5% accuracy.
  • Integrated soft starting for operation with downstream transformer and Thyro-Touch display.

West Control Solutions represents a Pro-EC44 single and dual loop temperature controller

The Pro-EC44 has been designed to simplify user operation through an intuitive HMI combined with easy-to-use configuration and simulation software. It is a 1/4 DIN process controller with graphical text display, advanced control capability and modular I/O options providing flexibility to fit wide range of industrial manufacturing and process applications.

  • Fast and easy front panel setup for both for simple and advanced control tasks
  • Configure controllers without connecting to a PC
  • Easy access user operation
  • Fast configuration via configuration interface
  • Single, two loop, cascade or ratio control
  • Profiler 255 segments shared by upto 64 programs
  • Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP Ethernet
  • Datalogger with real time clock
  • Comprehensive control ... and much more

MOBOTIX have been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, uncompromising reliability and premium “made in Germany” quality.

MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with independent memory management, a wide range of communication options (including SIP technology), innovative video analysis and event logic, meaning that they do more than just produce sharp images: They also recognize threats and initiate defensive actions.

  • The full range of HD Premium lenses is available for the M26: From fisheye lens with a 180° field of view to the 7° telephoto lens.
  • The D26 is perfect for applications that call for classic camera design with a shock-resistant dome.
  • The Q26 hemispheric camera stands out for its a high-resolution, 360° allround view. The Q26 can replacing four conventional cameras.
  • The S26 with Hemispheric technology is a compact system can be integrated so discreetly that only the lens is visible.

CD Automation introduced REVO Connect is a high reliability universal power regulator that has an advanced microprocessor that makes it universal and completely configurable via software

The power controller REVO-C  series is available in single-, dual-, and three-phase units. Particular attention was paid to the Connectivity with the most popular Field Buses and to the management of the unit via Wi-Fi (optional) with CD Automation APP to be installed on your Smartphone.

  • The current range from 30 to 2100A, the voltage range 480/600/690V.
  • Inputs: 4:20mA, 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as standard and different Field Bus.
  • Firing mode: burst firing, delayed triggering and phase angle with soft start.
  • Control mode: voltage, current and power or V² and I² with transfer to VxI.
  • USB port integrated for configuration in safety mode, unit powered through USB.
  • OLED display on front unit give better operator interface and delivers use-friendly messages.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring, control and regulating systems for fluids and gases. With a portfolio of more than 30,000 products Bürkert is the only supplier to offer all fluid control system components: from solenoid valves to process and analytical valves, as well as pneumatic actuators and sensors.

The integration of the product into the application is the result of detailed analysis of the ambient environment, operating parameters and specification requirements. This enables to offer individually optimized solutions to suit even the most complex fluid applications.

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Microfluidic Valves and Pumps
  • Process and Control Valves
  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Electromotive Valves
  • Solenoid Control Valves
  • Pneumatics and Process Interfaces
  • Filtration Modules
  • Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers

ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik is the specialist for non-contact measurements in the industry. The range of products includes sensors for the detection of velocity, length, distance, position, width and color.

The LDM42P is an optoelectronic distance measuring device for industrial applications with integrated Profibus DP interface. It works contact-free on the principle of comparative phase measurement with the amplitude modulation and facilitates precisely accurate measurement of distances. The LDM42P distinguish themselves through high precision as well as high independence from the surface of the measuring object.

  • Distance measurement and determination of position
  • Monitoring of lifting plants / lifting height measurement and positioning of elevators
  • Monitoring and positioning of cranes and conveyor systems
  • Diameter measurement of rolls / coils
  • Monitoring of safety-relevant parts
  • Fill level measurement
  • Position control