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Flow monitors and Flow indicators for Oil (viscosity compensated)

Flowmeter DKME-1

Flowmeter DKME-1


The DKME-1 is a float flowmeter (flow switch) for viscous liquids with a scale. The instrument is factory calibrated for upward flow when mounted vertically. However, it has a spring-loaded float, which allows it to be mounted in any spatial position, including horizontal or vertical with flow in the opposite direction. In this case, on-site calibration may be necessary to compensate for the weight of the float.

DKME-1/20 DKME-1/40 DKME-1/50
DKME-1/60 DKME-1/70 DKME-1/80
80XM1020XG20S 80XM1020XG20W 81XE1020XG20S
80XM1020XG20W 80XM1020XG20W 80XM1020XG20W
80XM1020XG20W 80XM1020XG25SEM 80XM1020XG20S
80XM1020XG15S 81XE1040XG25SEM 80XM1040XG25W