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Incremental encoders

GI330 GI332 Incremental encoders

GI330GI332Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Optical encoder with dead-end hollow shaft. Mounting by means of center clamp GI330, flange side clamp GI332. Output channels A,B,N (zero pulse), direct and inverted. The output is realized by push-pull symmetric circuit or RS422.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
GI330.022C113 GI330.022C317
GI330.022C323 GI330.022C328
GI330.022C335 GI330.0704113
GI330.0704114 GI330.0704122
GI330.0704123 GI330.0704130
GI330.0704140 GI330.0704141
GI330.0704406 GI330.0704416
GI330.0704423 GI330.070C122
GI330.070C140 GI330.070C306
GI330.070C309 GI330.070C310
GI330.070C313 GI330.070C315
GI330.070C316 GI330.070C322
GI330.070C323 GI330.070C328
GI330.070C330 GI330.070C331
GI330.070C336 GI330.070C339
GI330.070C340 GI330.070C341
GI330.070C349 GI330.070C350
GI330.A70C326 GI330.A70C328
GI330.A70C335 GI330.A724122
GI330.L224122 GI330.L22C322
GI330.L22C330 GI330.L704115
GI330.L70C313 GI330.L70C315
GI330.L70C322 GI330.L70C326
GI330.L70C330 GI330.L70C335
GI330.L70C336 GI330.L70C340
GI330.L70C341 GI330.L70C349
- -
- GI332.022C335
GI332.0704123 GI332.070C309
GI332.070C315 GI332.070C322
GI332.070C340 GI332.1704123
GI332.1704128 GI332.1704140
GI332.170C311 GI332.170C313
GI332.170C315 GI332.170C322
GI332.170C323 GI332.170C328
GI332.170C329 GI332.170C330
GI332.170C331 GI332.170C335
GI332.170C340 GI332.170C341
GI332.170C348 GI332.170C350
GI332.172C313 GI332.172C335
GI332.172C348 GI332.372C322
GI332.422C322 GI332.472C323
GI332.7224131 GI332.A22C348
GI332.A70C316 GI332.A70C322
GI332.A70C323 GI332.A70C324
GI332.A70C329 GI332.A70C330
GI332.A70C334 GI332.A70C335
GI332.A70C347 GI332.A70C348
GI332.A72C335 GI332.E01
GI332.E02 GI332.E04
GI332.E09 GI332.E10
GI332.E11 GI332.E13