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Incremental encoders

BDK Incremental encoders

BDKIncremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders BDH with the solid shaft with clamping or synchro flange. Encoder with solid shaft ø10 mm or ø6 mm. Optical sensing method. Max. 5000 pulses per revolution. Clamping or synchro flange. Industrial standard. Small profile depth. Mini encoder with solid shaft ø5 mm and housing ø30 mm.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
BDK 16.05A1000-5-5 BDK 16.05A1000-L5-4
BDK 16.05A1000-L5-4/0500 BDK 16.05A1000-L5-5
BDK 16.05A1000-L5-9 BDK 16.05A100-5-4
BDK 16.05A100-6-4 BDK 16.05A100-L5-5
BDK 16.05A100-L5-9 BDK 16.05A1024-5-4
BDK 16.05A1024-5-5 BDK 16.05A1024-L5-5
BDK 16.05A1024-L5-9 BDK 16.05A125-5-5
BDK 16.05A1440-5-5/0250 BDK 16.05A150-6-4
BDK 16.05A2000-L5-9 BDK 16.05A200-5-4
BDK 16.05A200-5-5 BDK 16.05A200-5-9
BDK 16.05A200-6-4 BDK 16.05A200-L5-4
BDK 16.05A200-L5-5 BDK 16.05A2048-5-5
BDK 16.05A2048-L5-4 BDK 16.05A2048-L5-5
BDK 16.05A2048-L5-9 BDK 16.05A20-5-5
BDK 16.05A20-L5-5 BDK 16.05A250-5-4
BDK 16.05A250-5-5 BDK 16.05A250-L5-5
BDK 16.05A25-5-4 BDK 16.05A360-5-4
BDK 16.05A360-5-5 BDK 16.05A360-5-9
BDK 16.05A360-L5-4 BDK 16.05A360-L5-5
BDK 16.05A500-5-4 BDK 16.05A500-5-5
BDK 16.05A500-5-5/0300 BDK 16.05A500-5-9
BDK 16.05A500-L5-4 BDK 16.05A500-L5-5
BDK 16.05A500-L5-9 BDK 16.05A50-5-4
BDK 16.05A50-6-4 BDK 16.05A50-L5-5
BDK 16.05A50-L5-9 BDK 16.05A5-5-4
BDK 16.05A60-5-5 BDK 16.05A64-L5-5
BDK 16.05A720-5-5 BDK 16.05A900-5-4
BDK 16.24K1000-L5-5 BDK 16.24K1000-L5-9
BDK 16.24K100-5-4 BDK 16.24K100-5-4/0300
BDK 16.24K100-5-5 BDK 16.24K100-5-5/0300
BDK 16.24K100-5-9 BDK 16.24K100-L5-4
BDK 16.24K100-L5-5 BDK 16.24K100-L5-9
BDK 16.24K1024-5-4 BDK 16.24K1024-5-5
BDK 16.24K1024-5-5/0250 BDK 16.24K1024-L5-4
BDK 16.24K1024-L5-5 BDK 16.24K1024-L5-9
BDK 16.24K10-L5-5 BDK 16.24K10-L5-9
BDK 16.24K120-5-5 BDK 16.24K120-5-5/0300
BDK 16.24K120-L5-9 BDK 16.24K1800-L5-5
BDK 16.24K180-5-4 BDK 16.24K180-5-4/0600
BDK 16.24K180-5-5 BDK 16.24K180-5-9
BDK 16.24K2000-L5-5 BDK 16.24K2000-L5-9
BDK 16.24K200-5-5 BDK 16.24K200-5-9
BDK 16.24K200-L5-4 BDK 16.24K200-L5-5
BDK 16.24K200-L5-9 BDK 16.24K2048-5-4
BDK 16.24K2048-5-5 BDK 16.24K2048-5-9
BDK 16.24K2048-L5-4 BDK 16.24K2048-L5-5
BDK 16.24K2048-L5-9 BDK 16.24K20-5-9
BDK 16.24K20-L5-9 BDK 16.24K250-5-4
BDK 16.24K250-5-5 BDK 16.24K250-5-5/0500
BDK 16.24K250-5-9 BDK 16.24K250-L5-4
BDK 16.24K250-L5-5 BDK 16.24K250-L5-5/0500
BDK 16.24K30-5-5 BDK 16.24K30-L5-4
BDK 16.24K30-L5-5 BDK 16.24K30-L5-9
BDK 16.24K360-5-4 BDK 16.24K360-5-5
BDK 16.24K360-5-9 BDK 16.24K360-L5-4
BDK 16.24K360-L5-5 BDK 16.24K360-L5-9
BDK 16.24K500-5-4 BDK 16.24K500-5-5
BDK 16.24K500-5-9 BDK 16.24K500-L5-4
BDK 16.24K500-L5-5 BDK 16.24K500-L5-9
BDK 16.24K50-5-5 BDK 16.24K50-5-9
BDK 16.24K50-L5-4 BDK 16.24K50-L5-5
BDK 16.24K50-L5-9 BDK 16.24K5-5-9
BDK 16.24K5-L5-9 BDK 16.24K60-5-5
BDK 16.24K60-5-5/0300 BDK 16.24K60-L5-5
BDK 16.24K60-L5-9 BDK 16.24K90-5-4
BDK 16.24K90-5-4/0600 -