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Incremental encoders

HS35P Incremental encoders

HS35PIncremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Programmable Incremental encoders HS35P with Insulated through hollow shaft ø0.375...1 inch, Robust industrial encoder up to IP 67 protection, Highly versatile fully programmable encoder, Interchangeable bore size(s) using metal inserts, Insulating sleeve to prevent high shaft currents from damaging bearings, Programmable resolution from 1...8192 ppr, User programmable index pulse width and location, Programmable from PC or standalone Baumer Programming Tools, Wide range voltage supply 4.75...30 VDC, Shock resistant up to 200 g's.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
HS35P 01024 T ABZC C024 B E 100 5 HS35P 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 4
HS35P 01024 T ABZC C012 B E 062 5 HS35P 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 7