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Pressure sensors

Precont S70 Precont ExS70

Precont S70 Precont ExS70

Precont S70
Precont ExS70


The Precont S70 is used in all fields of proceeding and process technique. The excellent characteristics like pressure strength, high chemical resistance, corrosion protection and insensitivity against temperature shocks allows the use in the hardest applications for the measurement of gases, steams and liquids. The process pressure is applied to the metallic membrane of the diaphragm seal and is transferred by vegetabe oil to the behind placed ceramic or metallic membrane of the respective measurement sensor. By this an essential extension of the permitted process temperature range up to -40…+370°C is achieved.

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Precont S70G1AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70G1AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70G1AAVA10R2S Precont S70G2AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70G2AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70G2AAVA10R2S
Precont S70G3AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70G3AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70G3AAVA10R2S Precont S70F1AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70F1AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70F1AAVA10R2S
Precont S70F2AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70F2AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70F2AAVA10R2S Precont S70M2AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70M2AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70M2AAVA10R2S
Precont S70M4AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70M4AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70M4AAVA10R2S Precont S70V1AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70V1AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70V1AAVA10R2S
Precont S70D1AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70D1AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70D1AAVA10R2S Precont S70T2AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70T2AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70T2AAVA10R2S
Precont S70R1AAVA10R2S Precont ExS70R1AAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70R1AAVA10R2S Precont S70R3AAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70R3AAVA10R2S Precont XDS70R3AAVA10R2S
Precont S70G1BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70G1BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70G1BAVA10R2S Precont S70G2BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70G2BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70G2BAVA10R2S
Precont S70G3BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70G3BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70G3BAVA10R2S Precont S70F1BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70F1BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70F1BAVA10R2S
Precont S70F2BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70F2BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70F2BAVA10R2S Precont S70M2BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70M2BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70M2BAVA10R2S
Precont S70M4BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70M4BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70M4BAVA10R2S Precont S70V1BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70V1BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70V1BAVA10R2S
Precont S70D1BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70D1BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70D1BAVA10R2S Precont S70T2BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70T2BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70T2BAVA10R2S
Precont S70R1BAVA10R2S Precont ExS70R1BAVA10R2S
Precont XDS70R1BAVA10R2S Precont S70R3BAVA10R2S
Precont ExS70R3BAVA10R2S Precont XDS70R3BAVA10R2S