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Single Loop Temp & Process Controllers

Temperature and process controllers typically fit into one of two categories, single loop or multi-loop.

When should you use a Single Loop Controller?

If a system requires a single control loop or discrete devices then a single loop controller can be used to control a thermal or process machine. These instruments can range from the very basic - single, manual, setpoint changes, through to sophisticated profilers which have the capability to execute multiple setpoint changes over a specified period of time.

Single loop controllers are typically front-of-panel products. These controllers provide a clear display on the front of the controller. The machine operator or engineer (end user) can use this display to set up the controller in situ and make subsequent program changes.

Single Loop Controllers from West Control Solutions

West Control Solutions offers a wide range of single loop controllers from its leading product brands, CAL, Partlow, PMA and West. The range includes digital controllers available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 14 DIN sizes and offers varying degrees of functionality from basic on-off controllers through highly sophisticated devices with PID control.