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Optical piece counters

Copy countersFLDK, FLDM

Copy counters

SCATEC-2 Copy counters - universal 0 … 60 mm, pulsed red laser diode, opto isolated, high/low switchable, temperature 50°C, IP54.

Manufactured part numbers: open, use the search ctrl + F
FLDK 110C1003/S42 FLDK 110C1005/S42 FLDK 110G1003/S14
FLDK 110G1003/S42 FLDK 110G1005/S14 FLDK 110G1006/S14
FLDK 110G1010/S14 FLDK 110G1303/S14 FLDM 170C1011/S42
FLDM 170C1030/S42 FLDM 170G1011/S42 FLDM 170G1030/S42
FLDM 180C1102/S42 FLDM-i100-W