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Vibration Monitoring Equipment by Hansford Sensors

HS-104 Low Power Accelerometer

HS-104  Low Power Accelerometer

Low Power Accelerometer

Made in GB

Accelerometer standard HS-104 providing an AC acceleration output for use with a data collector. The sensors are produced on demand with a wide range of features that can be customised.

HS-104010 HS-104030 HS-104050 HS-104100 HS-104250 HS-104500
HS-104F010 HS-104F030 HS-104F050 HS-104F100 HS-104F250 HS-104F500
HS-104I010 HS-104I030 HS-104I050 HS-104I100 HS-104I250 HS-104I500
HS-104L010 HS-104L030 HS-104L050 HS-104L100 HS-104L250 HS-104L500
HS-104RT010 HS-104RT030 HS-104RT050 HS-104RT100 HS-104RT250 HS-104RT500
HS-104Y010 HS-104Y030 HS-104Y050 HS-104Y100 HS-104Y250 HS-104Y500
HS-104S010 HS-104S030 HS-104S050 HS-104S100 HS-104S250 HS-104S500
HS-104T010 HS-104T030 HS-104T050 HS-104T100 HS-104T250 HS-104T500
HS-104R010 HS-104R030 HS-104R050 HS-104R100 HS-104R250 HS-104R500
HS-20001 HS-20002 HS-20007 HS-20008 HS-20050 HS-20054
HS-200S01 HS-200S02 HS-200S07 HS-200S08 HS-200S50 HS-200S54
HRT200RT01 HRT200RT02 HRT200RT07 HRT200RT08 HRT200RT50 HRT200RT54
HS-210S100 HS-210S150 HS-210100 HS-210150
HS-210S1505202 HS-210S1505206 HS-210S1505208 HS-210S1505210 HS-210S1505212