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Vibration Monitoring Equipment by Hansford Sensors

HS-421 Accelerometer 4-20 mA

HS-421Accelerometer 4-20 mA

4-20 mA

Made in GB

Premium AC accelerometers HS-150 is manufactured using a shear method giving fast settling time and stability in many applications. HS-170 - a more compact accelerometer designed using the premium shear method, ideal for use with a data-collector. Operating temperature range up to 150°C / 300°F.

HS-421010 HS-421020 HS-421025 HS-421050 HS-421100 HS-421S010
HS-421S020 HS-421S025 HS-421S050 HS-421S100 HS-421T010 HS-421T020
HS-421T025 HS-421T050 HS-421T100 HS-421ST010 HS-421ST020 HS-421ST025
HS-421ST050 HS-421ST100 HS-421RT010 HS-421RT020 HS-421RT025 HS-421RT050
HS-421RT100 HS-421SRT010 HS-421SRT020 HS-421SRT025 HS-421SRT050 HS-421SRT100
HS-421F010 HS-421F020 HS-421F025 HS-421F050 HS-421F100 HS-421P010
HS-421P020 HS-421P025 HS-421P050 HS-421P100 HS-421PP010 HS-421PP020
HS-421PP025 HS-421PP050 HS-421PP100 HS-421L010 HS-421L020 HS-421L025
HS-421L050 HS-421L100 HS-421Y010 HS-421Y020 HS-421Y025 HS-421Y050
HS-421Y100 HS-421I010 HS-421I020 HS-421I025 HS-421I050 HS-421I100
HS-421I010 HS-421I020 HS-421I025 HS-421I050 HS-421I100 HS-421I100
HS-421M010 HS-421M020 HS-421M025 HS-421M050 HS-421M100 HS-421M010
HS-421IT010 HS-421IT020 HS-421IT025 HS-421IT050 HS-421IT100 HS-421IT010