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Inductive proximity switches


The company Baumer is an international business with a passion for sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Through a very strong local presence in 39 subsidiaries and 19 countries, Baumer is able to be close to the customers. The outstanding Baumer quality of the vast portfolio of sensors and instruments keeps the company on the road of success in tough international competition. Various expert juries awarded Baumer with national and international prizes for innovation, design and quality as a token for quality and pioneering spirit.

Inductive proximity switches by Baumer. The proven solution for safe, non-contact detection of metal objects. Very small sensors with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance. Sturdy, maintenance-free and durable.

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Baumer Inductive proximity switches

Inductive sensors detect any metal object, whether moving or stationary. Sensor operation is non-interacting. Due to their high reserve capacities they are impervious to material adhesion such as metal chips on the sensing face. The sensors are ideal for industrial use. They operate on non-contact sensing, are free from wear and capable of high switching frequencies at yet high switching accuracy. In addition, they are reliably protected against vibration, dust and moisture.

Due to their reliability and efficiency, inductive proximity switches are used whenever a metal object has to be detected within just a few millimeters:

  • Presence detection of a machine component
  • Ultra precise referencing of the zero position of a moving machine component (e.g. in robotics)
  • Detection of different positions (e.g. limit switches)
  • Counting metal objects (e.g. in component feed or conveyor technology)
  • Presence detection of objects in process
  • Rotary speed measurement on metal gear wheel

Inductive proximity switch IFRM

Inductive proximity switch

Cylindrical inductive proximity switches Baumer IFRM for factory automation. The proven solution for safe, non-contact detection of metal objects.

  • Very small sensors with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance
  • Sturdy, maintenance-free and durable
  • Always the right sensor thanks to a wide variety of variants
Manufactured part numbers of IFRM open, use the search ctrl + F
IFRM 03N15/404610 IFRM 03N1501/KS35L IFRM 03N1501/L IFRM 03N1503/Q
IFRM 03N1505/CS35L IFRM 03N1713/L IFRM 03N1713/QL IFRM 03N3501/KS35L
IFRM 03N3501/L IFRM 03N3503/Q IFRM 03N3505/CS35L IFRM 03N3713/L
IFRM 03N3713/QL IFRM 03P1501/KS05L IFRM 03P1501/KS35DPL IFRM 03P1501/KS35DPL/0025
IFRM 03P1501/KS35DPL/0050 IFRM 03P1501/KS35L IFRM 03P1501/KS35L/0060 IFRM 03P1501/L
IFRM 03P1501/PL IFRM 03P1503/Q IFRM 03P1505/CS35L IFRM 03P1505/CS35LU
IFRM 03P1713/KS35L IFRM 03P1713/L IFRM 03P1713/QL IFRM 03P3501/KS35L
IFRM 03P3501/L IFRM 03P3503/Q IFRM 03P3505/CS35L IFRM 03P3713/L
IFRM 03P3713/QL IFRM 04N15A1/KS35PL IFRM 04N15A1/L IFRM 04N15A3/KS35PL
IFRM 04N15A3/L IFRM 04N15A3/S05L IFRM 04N15A3/S35L IFRM 04N15A5/Q
IFRM 04N15B1/KS35PL IFRM 04N15B1/L IFRM 04N17A1/KS35PL IFRM 04N17A1/PL
IFRM 04N17A1/S35L IFRM 04N17A3/KS35PL IFRM 04N17A3/PL IFRM 04N17A3/S05L
IFRM 04N17A3/S35L IFRM 04N35A1/KS35PL IFRM 04N35A1/L IFRM 04N35A3/KS35PL
IFRM 04N35A3/L IFRM 04N35A3/S05L IFRM 04N35A3/S35L IFRM 04N35A5/Q
IFRM 04N35B1/KS35PL IFRM 04N35B1/L IFRM 04N37A1/KS35PL IFRM 04N37A1/PL
IFRM 04N37A1/S35L IFRM 04N37A3/KS35PL IFRM 04N37A3/PL IFRM 04N37A3/S05L
IFRM 04N37A3/S35L IFRM 04P15/405430 IFRM 04P15/406166 IFRM 04P1501/KS35L
IFRM 04P1501/S35L IFRM 04P1513/S35L IFRM 04P15A1/KS35DPL IFRM 04P15A1/KS35PL
IFRM 04P15A1/KS35PL/0030 IFRM 04P15A1/KS35PL/0150 IFRM 04P15A1/L IFRM 04P15A1/L/0500
IFRM 04P15A1/S35L IFRM 04P15A3/KS05L IFRM 04P15A3/KS35PL IFRM 04P15A3/L
IFRM 04P15A3/S05L IFRM 04P15A3/S35L IFRM 04P15A5/Q IFRM 04P15B1/KS35PL
IFRM 04P15B1/L IFRM 04P15B1/L/0300 IFRM 04P17A1/KS35PL IFRM 04P17A1/PL
IFRM 04P17A1/S35L IFRM 04P17A3/KS35D IFRM 04P17A3/KS35PL IFRM 04P17A3/PL
IFRM 04P17A3/S05L IFRM 04P17A3/S35L IFRM 04P35A1/KS35DPL IFRM 04P35A1/KS35PL
IFRM 04P35A1/KS35PL/0050 IFRM 04P35A1/L IFRM 04P35A1/L/0500 IFRM 04P35A1/S35L
IFRM 04P35A3/KS35PL IFRM 04P35A3/L IFRM 04P35A3/S05L IFRM 04P35A3/S35L
IFRM 04P35A5/Q IFRM 04P35B1/KS35PL IFRM 04P35B1/L IFRM 04P37A1/KS35PL
IFRM 04P37A1/PL IFRM 04P37A1/S35L IFRM 04P37A3/KS35PL IFRM 04P37A3/PL
IFRM 04P37A3/S05L IFRM 04P37A3/S35L IFRM 05N15A1/KS35PL IFRM 05N15A1/L
IFRM 05N15A1/L/1000 IFRM 05N15A3/KS35PL IFRM 05N15A3/L IFRM 05N15A3/S05L
IFRM 05N15A3/S35L IFRM 05N15A5/Q IFRM 05N17A1/PL IFRM 05N17A1/S35L
IFRM 05N17A3/PL IFRM 05N17A3/S05L IFRM 05N17A3/S35L IFRM 05N35A1/KS35PL
IFRM 05N35A1/L IFRM 05N35A3/KS35PL IFRM 05N35A3/L IFRM 05N35A3/S05L
IFRM 05N35A3/S35L IFRM 05N35A5/Q IFRM 05N37A1/PL IFRM 05N37A1/S35L
IFRM 05N37A3/PL IFRM 05N37A3/S05L IFRM 05N37A3/S35L IFRM 05P15/405102
IFRM 05P1501/S35L IFRM 05P15A1/KS35L IFRM 05P15A1/KS35PL IFRM 05P15A1/L
IFRM 05P15A1/L/0500 IFRM 05P15A1/L/1200 IFRM 05P15A1/S35L IFRM 05P15A3/KS05L
IFRM 05P15A3/KS35DPL IFRM 05P15A3/KS35PL IFRM 05P15A3/L IFRM 05P15A3/S05L
IFRM 05P15A3/S35L IFRM 05P15A4 IFRM 05P15A4/KS35P IFRM 05P15A5/Q
IFRM 05P17A1/KS35D IFRM 05P17A1/KS35L IFRM 05P17A1/PL IFRM 05P17A1/PL/0500
IFRM 05P17A1/S35L IFRM 05P17A3/PL IFRM 05P17A3/PL/0500 IFRM 05P17A3/S05L
IFRM 05P17A3/S35L IFRM 05P3501/S35L IFRM 05P35A1/KS35L IFRM 05P35A1/KS35PL
IFRM 05P35A1/L IFRM 05P35A1/S35L IFRM 05P35A3/KS35PL IFRM 05P35A3/L
IFRM 05P35A3/S05L IFRM 05P35A3/S35L IFRM 05P35A4 IFRM 05P35A5/Q
IFRM 05P37A1/KS35PL/0040 IFRM 05P37A1/PL IFRM 05P37A1/S35L IFRM 05P37A3/PL
IFRM 05P37A3/S05L IFRM 05P37A3/S35L IFRM 06E95/403976 IFRM 06N1701/KS35L
IFRM 06N1701/L IFRM 06N1701/PL IFRM 06N1707 IFRM 06N1713/KS35L
IFRM 06N1713/L IFRM 06N1713/L/0500 IFRM 06N17A1/KS35L IFRM 06N17A1/L
IFRM 06N17A1/S35L IFRM 06N17A3/S35L IFRM 06N17A4/L IFRM 06N17A4/S35L
IFRM 06N17A5/S35L IFRM 06N3701/KS35L IFRM 06N3701/L IFRM 06N3713/KS35L
IFRM 06N3713/L IFRM 06N37A1/KS35L IFRM 06N37A1/L IFRM 06N37A1/S35L
IFRM 06N37A3/S35L IFRM 06N37A4/L IFRM 06N37A4/S35L IFRM 06N37A5/S35L
IFRM 06P1501/PL IFRM 06P15A3/S35L IFRM 06P15A4/S35L IFRM 06P15A5/S35L
IFRM 06P17/404250 IFRM 06P1701/KS35L IFRM 06P1701/KS35PL IFRM 06P1701/KS35RL
IFRM 06P1701/L IFRM 06P1701/L/0400 IFRM 06P1701/L/0500 IFRM 06P1701/PL
IFRM 06P1701/PL/0300 IFRM 06P1701/PL/0500 IFRM 06P1701/PL/0800 IFRM 06P1701/RL
IFRM 06P1707 IFRM 06P1713/KS35L IFRM 06P1713/KS35PL IFRM 06P1713/L
IFRM 06P1713/PL IFRM 06P1713/PL/0500 IFRM 06P17A1/KS35L IFRM 06P17A1/L
IFRM 06P17A1/L/0500 IFRM 06P17A1/PL IFRM 06P17A1/S35L IFRM 06P17A3/S35L
IFRM 06P17A4/KS35L IFRM 06P17A4/L IFRM 06P17A4/S35L IFRM 06P17A5/S35L
IFRM 06P17V3/PL IFRM 06P3701/KS35L IFRM 06P3701/KS35PL IFRM 06P3701/L
IFRM 06P3701/L/0500 IFRM 06P3701/PL IFRM 06P3701/PL/0500 IFRM 06P3713/KS35L
IFRM 06P3713/L IFRM 06P3713/PL IFRM 06P37A1/KS35L IFRM 06P37A1/L
IFRM 06P37A1/S35L IFRM 06P37A3/S35L IFRM 06P37A4/KS35L IFRM 06P37A4/L
IFRM 06P37A4/S35L IFRM 06P37A5/S35L IFRM 06X9503 IFRM 06X9503/0500
IFRM 06X9503/P IFRM 08N1701/KS35L IFRM 08N1701/L IFRM 08N1701/PL
IFRM 08N1703/S14L IFRM 08N1707 IFRM 08N1707/0200 IFRM 08N1713/KS35L
IFRM 08N1713/L IFRM 08N1773 IFRM 08N17A1/KS35L IFRM 08N17A1/L
IFRM 08N17A1/S35L IFRM 08N17A3/S35L IFRM 08N17A4/KS35L IFRM 08N17A4/L
IFRM 08N17A4/PL IFRM 08N17A4/S35L IFRM 08N17A5/S35L IFRM 08N3701/KS35L
IFRM 08N3701/L IFRM 08N3701/PL IFRM 08N3703/S14L IFRM 08N3713/KS35L
IFRM 08N3713/L IFRM 08N37A1/KS35L IFRM 08N37A1/L IFRM 08N37A1/S35L
IFRM 08N37A3/S35L IFRM 08N37A4/KS35L IFRM 08N37A4/L IFRM 08N37A4/S35L
IFRM 08N37A5/S35L IFRM 08P17/013916 IFRM 08P1701/KS34L IFRM 08P1701/KS35D
IFRM 08P1701/KS35L IFRM 08P1701/L IFRM 08P1701/L/0400 IFRM 08P1701/L/0500
IFRM 08P1701/L/1000 IFRM 08P1701/PL IFRM 08P1701/PL/0300 IFRM 08P1701/PL/0500
IFRM 08P1703/S14L IFRM 08P1704/PL IFRM 08P1704/PL/0400 IFRM 08P1707
IFRM 08P1707/0200 IFRM 08P1713/KS35L IFRM 08P1713/KS35PL IFRM 08P1713/L
IFRM 08P1713/L/0400 IFRM 08P1713/PL IFRM 08P1790/L IFRM 08P17A1/KS35L
IFRM 08P17A1/KS35PL IFRM 08P17A1/L IFRM 08P17A1/L/0500 IFRM 08P17A1/PL
IFRM 08P17A1/S35L IFRM 08P17A3/S35L IFRM 08P17A4/KS35D IFRM 08P17A4/KS35L
IFRM 08P17A4/L IFRM 08P17A4/PL IFRM 08P17A4/S35L IFRM 08P17A5/S35L
IFRM 08P17T4 IFRM 08P17T4/0150 IFRM 08P17V1/S35L IFRM 08P17V3/PL
IFRM 08P35A1/S35L IFRM 08P37/406098 IFRM 08P3701/KS35L IFRM 08P3701/L
IFRM 08P3701/PL IFRM 08P3703/S14L IFRM 08P3707 IFRM 08P3713/KS35L
IFRM 08P3713/L IFRM 08P3713/PL IFRM 08P37A1/KS35L IFRM 08P37A1/L
IFRM 08P37A1/S35L IFRM 08P37A3/S35L IFRM 08P37A4/KS35L IFRM 08P37A4/L
IFRM 08P37A4/S35L IFRM 08P37A5/S35L IFRM 08X9103 IFRM 08X9103/0500
IFRM 08X9501/S35 IFRM 08X9503 IFRM 08X9503/0500 IFRM 08X9503/1000
IFRM 08X9503/S35 IFRM 12N1101/S14L IFRM 12N13T1/PL IFRM 12N13T1/S14L
IFRM 12N1501/S14L IFRM 12N1701/L IFRM 12N1701/L/0300 IFRM 12N1701/PL
IFRM 12N1701/S13L IFRM 12N1701/S14L IFRM 12N1701/S35L IFRM 12N1702/L
IFRM 12N1702/L/0500 IFRM 12N1702/L/1000 IFRM 12N1703/S14L IFRM 12N1704/L
IFRM 12N1704/S14L IFRM 12N1707 IFRM 12N17X1/L IFRM 12N17X2/L
IFRM 12N17X2/L/0600 IFRM 12N33T1/PL IFRM 12N33T1/S14L IFRM 12N3701/L
IFRM 12N3701/S14L IFRM 12N3701/S35L IFRM 12N3702/L IFRM 12N3703/S14L
IFRM 12N3704/L IFRM 12N3704/S14L IFRM 12N37X1/L IFRM 12N37X2/L
IFRM 12P13T1/PL IFRM 12P13T1/S14L IFRM 12P1501/S14L IFRM 12P1502/BL
IFRM 12P17/404919 IFRM 12P1701/KS34DPL IFRM 12P1701/KS35L IFRM 12P1701/L
IFRM 12P1701/L/0300 IFRM 12P1701/L/0500 IFRM 12P1701/L/1000 IFRM 12P1701/PL
IFRM 12P1701/S13L IFRM 12P1701/S14L IFRM 12P1701/S35L IFRM 12P1702/L
IFRM 12P1702/L/0300 IFRM 12P1702/L/0400 IFRM 12P1702/L/0500 IFRM 12P1702/L/1000
IFRM 12P1702/PL IFRM 12P1702/PL/0500 IFRM 12P1702/PL/0800 IFRM 12P1702/PL/1200
IFRM 12P1702/S14L IFRM 12P1703/S14L IFRM 12P1704/L IFRM 12P1704/L/0300
IFRM 12P1704/L/1000 IFRM 12P1704/PL IFRM 12P1704/S14L IFRM 12P1706/S14L
IFRM 12P1707 IFRM 12P1707/0200 IFRM 12P1707/0320 IFRM 12P17X1/L
IFRM 12P17X1/L/1000 IFRM 12P17X2/L IFRM 12P33T1/PL IFRM 12P33T1/S14L
IFRM 12P3701/L IFRM 12P3701/L/0500 IFRM 12P3701/PL IFRM 12P3701/S13L
IFRM 12P3701/S14L IFRM 12P3701/S35L IFRM 12P3702/L IFRM 12P3702/PL
IFRM 12P3702/PL/0300 IFRM 12P3703/S14L IFRM 12P3704/L IFRM 12P3704/S14L
IFRM 12P37X1/L IFRM 12P37X2/L IFRM 12X9103 IFRM 12X9103/0600
IFRM 12X9503 IFRM 15P1701/L/0300 IFRM 18N13T1/PL IFRM 18N13T1/S14L
IFRM 18N1701/L IFRM 18N1701/S14L IFRM 18N1701/S35L IFRM 18N1702/L
IFRM 18N1703/S14L IFRM 18N17A3/L IFRM 18N17A3/S14L IFRM 18N17A4/L
IFRM 18N17A4/S14L IFRM 18N17A5/L IFRM 18N17A5/S14L IFRM 18N17M1/PL
IFRM 18N17M1/S14L IFRM 18N33T1/PL IFRM 18N33T1/S14L IFRM 18N3701/L
IFRM 18N3701/S14L IFRM 18N3702/L IFRM 18N37A3/L IFRM 18N37A3/S14L
IFRM 18N37A4/L IFRM 18N37A4/S14L IFRM 18N37A5/L IFRM 18N37A5/S14L
IFRM 18N37M1/PL IFRM 18N37M1/S14L IFRM 18P1301/L IFRM 18P1301/S14L
IFRM 18P13T1/PL IFRM 18P13T1/S14L IFRM 18P1501/S14L IFRM 18P1504/L
IFRM 18P1701/L IFRM 18P1701/L/0500 IFRM 18P1701/L/0800 IFRM 18P1701/PL
IFRM 18P1701/S14L IFRM 18P1701/S35L IFRM 18P1701/TL IFRM 18P1702/L
IFRM 18P1702/L/0500 IFRM 18P1703/S14L IFRM 18P1704/L IFRM 18P1704/S12L
IFRM 18P1704/S14L IFRM 18P1791/KS13L IFRM 18P17A3/L IFRM 18P17A3/L/0500
IFRM 18P17A3/S14L IFRM 18P17A4/L IFRM 18P17A4/S14L IFRM 18P17A5/L
IFRM 18P17A5/S14L IFRM 18P17M1/PL IFRM 18P17M1/S14L IFRM 18P3301/L
IFRM 18P33T1/PL IFRM 18P33T1/S14L IFRM 18P3701/L IFRM 18P3701/S14L
IFRM 18P3701/S35L IFRM 18P3702/L IFRM 18P3703/S14L IFRM 18P3704/S14L
IFRM 18P37A3/L IFRM 18P37A3/S14L IFRM 18P37A4/L IFRM 18P37A4/S14L
IFRM 18P37A5/L IFRM 18P37A5/L/0500 IFRM 18P37A5/S14L IFRM 18P37M1/PL
IFRM 18P37M1/S14L IFRM 18X9103 IFRM 18X9103/0500 IFRM 18X9503
IFRM 30P1101/S14L IFRM 30P1201/L IFRM 30P1501/S14L IFRM 30P1601/L
IFRM 30P3101/S14L IFRM 30P3201/L IFRM 30P3501/S14L IFRM 30P3601/L
IHRM 12P1501/KS34P ILFK 12P1101/I03 ILFK 12P1101/I03/0500 ILFK 12P1101/I06
ILFK 12P1101/I06/0500 ILFK 12P1501/I03 ILFK 12P1501/I06

Inductive proximity switch IFBR

Inductive proximity switch

Stainless steel sensors Baumer IFBR in hygienic design, EHEDG-certified.

  • FDA compliant materials – EHEDG certified
  • High chemical resistance – Ecolab tested and LCP front cap
  • IP 68K long-term seal – proTect+
  • Flush and non-flush housings
IFBR 06N13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 06N33T1/S14L-9 IFBR 06P13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 06P33T1/S14L-9
IFBR 11N13T1/L-9 IFBR 11N13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 11N17T1/L-9 IFBR 11N17T1/S14L-9
IFBR 11N33T1/L-9 IFBR 11N33T1/S14L-9 IFBR 11N37T1/L-9 IFBR 11N37T1/S14L-9
IFBR 11P13T1/L-9 IFBR 11P13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 11P17T1/L-9 IFBR 11P17T1/L-9/0500
IFBR 11P17T1/S14L-9 IFBR 11P33T1/L-9 IFBR 11P33T1/S14L-9 IFBR 11P37T1/L-9
IFBR 11P37T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17N13T1/L-9 IFBR 17N13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17N17T1/L-9
IFBR 17N17T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17N33T1/L-9 IFBR 17N33T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17N37T1/L-9
IFBR 17N37T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17P13T1/L-9 IFBR 17P13T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17P17T1/L-9
IFBR 17P17T1/L-9/0950 IFBR 17P17T1/S14L-9 IFBR 17P33T1/L-9 IFBR 17P33T1/S14L-9
IFBR 17P37T1/L-9 IFBR 17P37T1/S14L-9

Inductive proximity switch IFFM

Inductive proximity switch

Rectangular inductive proximity switches Baumer IFFM for factory automation.

  • Very small sensors with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance
  • Sturdy, maintenance-free and durable
  • Millions of them in use - highest precision and guaranteed reliability thanks to over 40 years of experience
Manufactured part numbers of IFFM open, use the search ctrl + F
IFFM 04N1501/O1KS35L IFFM 04N1501/O1L IFFM 04N3501/O1L IFFM 04P1501/O1KS35DPL
IFFM 04P1501/O1KS35L IFFM 04P1501/O1L IFFM 04P1501/O1L/0500 IFFM 04P1501/O1PL
IFFM 04P1501/O1PL/0300 IFFM 04P3501/O1L IFFM 04P3501/O1L/0500 IFFM 06N15A1/O1L
IFFM 06N15A3/O1L IFFM 06N15A3/O1S05L IFFM 06N35A1/O1L IFFM 06N35A3/O1L
IFFM 06N35A3/O1S05L IFFM 06P15A1/O1L IFFM 06P15A1/O1L/0500 IFFM 06P15A3/O1L
IFFM 06P15A3/O1S05L IFFM 06P35A1/O1L IFFM 06P35A3/O1L IFFM 06P35A3/O1S05L
IFFM 08N1701/O1L IFFM 08N1701/O1S35L IFFM 08N1701/O2PL IFFM 08N1702/O1L
IFFM 08N1703/O1L IFFM 08N1703/O1PL IFFM 08N1703/O2S35L IFFM 08N17A1/O1S35L
IFFM 08N17A3/O1S35L IFFM 08N17A5/O1S35L IFFM 08N17A6/KS35L IFFM 08N17A6/L
IFFM 08N17A6/PL IFFM 08N17A6/PL/0500 IFFM 08N3701/O1L IFFM 08N3701/O1S35L
IFFM 08N3702/O1L IFFM 08N3703/O1L IFFM 08N3703/O2S35L IFFM 08N37A1/O1S35L
IFFM 08N37A3/O1S35L IFFM 08N37A5/O1S35L IFFM 08N37A6/KS35L IFFM 08N37A6/L
IFFM 08P1501/O1KS35DPL IFFM 08P1501/O1S35L IFFM 08P15A1/O1S35L IFFM 08P1701/O1KS35DPL
IFFM 08P1701/O1KS35L IFFM 08P1701/O1L IFFM 08P1701/O1L/0500 IFFM 08P1701/O1PL
IFFM 08P1701/O1S35L IFFM 08P1701/O2KS35PL IFFM 08P1701/O2L IFFM 08P1701/O2L/0500
IFFM 08P1701/O2PL IFFM 08P1702/O1KS05L IFFM 08P1702/O1KS34L IFFM 08P1702/O1KS35DPL
IFFM 08P1702/O1L IFFM 08P1703/O1KS05L IFFM 08P1703/O1KS35L IFFM 08P1703/O1L
IFFM 08P1703/O1L/0300 IFFM 08P1703/O1L/0500 IFFM 08P1703/O1LU IFFM 08P1703/O1PL
IFFM 08P1703/O2S35L IFFM 08P17A1/O1S35L IFFM 08P17A3/O1S35L IFFM 08P17A5/O1S35L
IFFM 08P17A6/KS05L IFFM 08P17A6/KS35DPL/0100 IFFM 08P17A6/KS35L IFFM 08P17A6/KS35L/0050
IFFM 08P17A6/KS35L/0100 IFFM 08P17A6/KS35LU IFFM 08P17A6/KS35PL IFFM 08P17A6/KS35PLU
IFFM 08P17A6/L IFFM 08P17A6/L/0300 IFFM 08P17A6/L/0500 IFFM 08P17A6/L/0700
IFFM 08P17A6/LU IFFM 08P17A6/PL IFFM 08P17A6/PL/0500 IFFM 08P17A6/PLU
IFFM 08P3501/O1L IFFM 08P35A1/O1S35L IFFM 08P3701/O1L IFFM 08P3701/O1L/0500
IFFM 08P3701/O1PL IFFM 08P3701/O1S35L IFFM 08P3701/O2L IFFM 08P3702/O1KS35DPL
IFFM 08P3702/O1L IFFM 08P3703/O1L IFFM 08P3703/O1L/0300 IFFM 08P3703/O2S35L
IFFM 08P37A1/O1S35L IFFM 08P37A3/O1S35L IFFM 08P37A5/O1S35L IFFM 08P37A6/KS35DPL
IFFM 08P37A6/KS35L IFFM 08P37A6/KS35L/0035 IFFM 08P37A6/KS35L/0100 IFFM 08P37A6/L
IFFM 08P37A6/L/0500 IFFM 08P37A6/PL IFFM 08P37A6/PLU IFFM 12N17A3/S05L
IFFM 12N37A3/S05L IFFM 12P1701/O1/0400 IFFM 12P1703/O2S35L IFFM 12P17A3/S05L
IFFM 12P37A3/S05L IFFM 20N1501 IFFM 20N1501/S35L IFFM 20N17A3/S35L
IFFM 20N3501/S35L IFFM 20N37A3/S35L IFFM 20P1501 IFFM 20P1501/S35L
IFFM 20P17A3/KS35PL IFFM 20P17A3/S35L IFFM 20P3501 IFFM 20P3501/S35L
IFFM 20P37A3/S35L IFFM 22P1501/S35L
IARM 08P1503/S35L IARM 12N15A3/S35L IARM 12P15A3/S35L IF08.D02S-F16.UA1Z.7WCU
IF08.D02S-F16.UA1Z.7WCV IF08.D02S-F16.UA1Z.7WLU IF08.D02S-F16.UA1Z.7WLV IF08.D02S-F16.UA1Z.7WMV
IF08.D03L-Q25.GP1I.7VCU IF08.D03L-Q25.UA1E.7VCU IFF 08.82.05 IFF 08.82.05/0300
IFF 08.82.05/0500 IFF 08.82.05/K08 IFF 08.82.05/K08/0300 IFFK 10E9101
IFFK 10P11A1 IFFK 12P1101/L IFFK 12P1101/S35L IFRK 12P1102/L

Inductive proximity switch IFR

Inductive proximity switch

Inductive sensors NAMUR. Baumer IFR series.

IFR 12.82.05/K630 IFR 04.26.35/L IFR 04.82.05 IFR 05.82.05
IFR 10.82.01 IFR 10.82.05 IFR 10.82E05 IFR 04.82.05/0600
IFR 05.82.05/0600

Inductive proximity switch IFRDIFRHIFRP

Inductive proximity switch

Application-specific inductive sensors Baumer IFRD, IFRH and IFRP.

  • Outdoor / high temperature
  • Sensors with extended temperature range up to 180 °C
  • Rugged Outdoor and Washdown sensors
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Versions with integrated and separate evaluation electronics
  • High switching frequencies
  • Pressure resistant up to 500 bar
  • Sensor surface made of zirconium oxide (ZrO2/ceramics)
IFRD 06N17A1/L IFRD 06N17A1/S35L IFRD 06N17T1/S35 IFRD 06N37T1/S35
IFRD 06P17A1/L IFRD 06P17A1/S35L IFRD 06P17T1/S35 IFRD 06P37A1/S35L
IFRD 06P37T1/S35 IFRD 08N17A1/S35L IFRD 08N17T1/S35 IFRD 08N37A1/L
IFRD 08N37A1/S35L IFRD 08N37T1/S35 IFRD 08P17A1/S35L IFRD 08P17T1/S35
IFRD 08P37A1/S35L IFRD 08P37T1/S35 IFRD 12N17A3/S14L IFRD 12N17T3/S14
IFRD 12N37A3/S14L IFRD 12N37T3/S14 IFRD 12P17A3/S14L IFRD 12P17T3/S14
IFRD 12P37A3/S14L IFRD 12P37T3/S14 IFRD 18N17A3/S14L IFRD 18N17T3/S14
IFRD 18N37A3/S14L IFRD 18N37T3/S14 IFRD 18P17A3/S14L IFRD 18P17T3/S14
IFRD 18P37A3/S14L IFRD 18P37T3/S14 IFRH 08P1501/L IFRH 08P3501/L
IFRH 12P1501/L IFRH 12P3501/L IFRH 18P1501/L IFRH 18P3501/L
IFRP 12P1501/S14 IFRP 12P1504/S14 IFRP 12P3501/S14 IFRP 16P1501/S14
IFRP 18P1501/S14

Inductive proximity switch IFRRIFRW

Inductive proximity switch

Application-specific inductive sensors Baumer IFRR and IFRW: Outdoor / high temperature

  • Rugged Outdoor and Washdown sensors
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Sensors with extended temperature range up to 180 °C
  • Rugged stainless steel (V4A) or all-metal housing
  • IP 69K long-term seal – proTect+
  • High signal quality in an extended temperature range
  • For magnetic fields up to 90 mT
  • PTFE-coated front
  • Chrome-plated brass housing
  • Resistant to welding sparks
IFRR 08N13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 08N33T1/S14L-9 IFRR 08P13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 08P33T1/S14L-9
IFRR 12N13T1/L-9 IFRR 12N13T1/PL-9 IFRR 12N13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12N17T1/L-9
IFRR 12N17T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12N33T1/L-9 IFRR 12N33T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12N37T1/L-9
IFRR 12N37T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12P13T1/L-9 IFRR 12P13T1/L-9/1000 IFRR 12P13T1/PL-9
IFRR 12P13T1/PL-9/0300 IFRR 12P13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12P17T1/L-9 IFRR 12P17T1/L-9/0500
IFRR 12P17T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12P33T1/L-9 IFRR 12P33T1/PL-9 IFRR 12P33T1/PL-9/0300
IFRR 12P33T1/S14L-9 IFRR 12P37T1/L-9 IFRR 12P37T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18N13T1/L-9
IFRR 18N13T1/PL-9 IFRR 18N13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18N17T1/L-9 IFRR 18N17T1/S14L-9
IFRR 18N33T1/L-9 IFRR 18N33T1/PL-9 IFRR 18N33T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18N37T1/L-9
IFRR 18N37T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18P13T1/L-9 IFRR 18P13T1/PL-9 IFRR 18P13T1/PL-9/2000
IFRR 18P13T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18P17T1/L-9 IFRR 18P17T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18P33T1/L-9
IFRR 18P33T1/PL-9 IFRR 18P33T1/PL-9/2000 IFRR 18P33T1/S14L-9 IFRR 18P37T1/L-9
IFRR 18P37T1/S14L-9 IFRW 12P1501/S14L IFRW 18P1501/S14L

Inductive proximity switch IR06IR08IR12IR18IR30

Inductive proximity switch

Application-specific inductive sensors Baumer IR: Large sensing distance / Factor 1

  • Sensors with extended switching distance up to 24 mm
  • Factor 1 sensors with the same switching distance on all metals
  • Large installation tolerances
  • Enhanced protection against mechanical damage
  • Cylindrical designs from Ø6.5 mm to M30
  • Flush and non-flush variant
  • Detection of stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals with the same sensing distance
  • High switching frequencies up to 3 kHz
Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
IR06.P02F-F46.PO1Z.7SL IR06.P02F-F46.NO1Z.7SL IR06.P02F-F46.PC1Z.7SL IR06.P02F-F46.NC1Z.7SL
IR06.P02F-F40.PO1Z.7SCV IR06.P02F-F40.NO1Z.7SCV IR06.P02F-F40.PC1Z.7SCV IR06.P02F-F40.NC1Z.7SCV
IR06.D03S-Q46.UA1Z.7SL IR06.D03S-Q46.IA1Z.7SL IR06.D03S-Q22.UA1Z.7SCV IR06.D03S-Q30.UA1Z.7SCV
IR06.P06S-N40.NO1Z.7SCV IR06.P06S-N46.NO1Z.7SL IR06.P03S-F40.NO1Z.7SCV IR06.P03S-F46.NO1Z.7SL
IR06.P06S-N40.NC1Z.7SCV IR06.P06S-N46.NC1Z.7SL IR06.P03S-F40.NC1Z.7SCV IR06.P03S-F46.NC1Z.7SL
IR06.P06S-N40.PO1Z.7SCV IR06.P06S-N46.PO1Z.7SL IR06.P03S-F40.PO1Z.7SCV IR06.P03S-F46.PO1Z.7SL
IR06.P06S-N40.PC1Z.7SCV IR06.P06S-N46.PC1Z.7SL IR06.P03S-F40.PC1Z.7SCV IR06.P03S-F46.PC1Z.7SL
IR06.P03S-F40.PO1Z.7SLU IR06.D03L-Q46.UA1Z.7SL IR06.D03L-Q40.UA1Z.7SCV ---
--- --- --- IR08.P02F-F46.PO1Z.7SL
IR08.P02F-F46.NO1Z.7SL IR08.P02F-F46.PC1Z.7SL IR08.P02F-F46.NC1Z.7SL IR08.P02F-F40.PO1Z.7SCV
IR08.P02F-F40.NO1Z.7SCV IR08.P02F-F40.PC1Z.7SCV IR08.P02F-F40.NC1Z.7SCV IR08.D02S-F46.UA1Z.7SL
IR08.D03S-Q46.UA1Z.7SL IR08.D02S-F40.UA1Z.7SCV IR08.D03S-Q40.UA1Z.7SCV IR08.D03S-Q46.IA1Z.7SL
IR08.D03S-Q22.UA1Z.7SCV IR08.D03S-Q30.UA1Z.7SCV IR08.D03L-Q46.UA1Z.7SL IR08.P06S-N40.NO1Z.7SCV
IR08.P06S-N46.NO1Z.7SL IR08.P03S-F40.NO1Z.7SCV IR08.P03S-F46.PO1Z.7SL IR08.P06S-N40.PC1Z.7SCV
IR08.P06S-N46.PC1Z.7SL IR08.P03S-F46.NO1Z.7SL IR08.P06S-N40.NC1Z.7SCV IR08.P06S-N46.NC1Z.7SL
IR08.P03S-F40.NC1Z.7SCV IR08.P03S-F46.NC1Z.7SL IR08.P06S-N40.PO1Z.7SCV IR08.P06S-N46.PO1Z.7SL
IR08.P03S-F40.PO1Z.7SCV IR08.P03S-F40.PC1Z.7SCV IR08.P03S-F46.PC1Z.7SL IR08.P03S-F40.PO1Z.7SCV
IR08.P06S-N40.PO1Z.7SCV IR08.P03S-F40.PO1Z.7SOV IR08.D03L-F40.UA1T.7SCV ---
--- --- --- IR12.P04F-F50.PO1Z.7BO
IR12.P04F-F50.NO1Z.7BO IR12.P04F-F50.PC1Z.7BO IR12.P04F-F50.NC1Z.7BO IR12.P04F-F40.PO1Z.7BCV
IR12.P04F-F40.NO1Z.7BCV IR12.P04F-F40.NC1Z.7BCV IR12.P04F-F40.PC1Z.7BCV IR12.D04S-F50.UA1Z.7BO
IR12.D06S-Q50.UA1Z.7BO IR12.D04L-F60.UAME.7BO IR12.D04S-F40.UA1Z.7BCV IR12.D06S-Q40.UA1Z.7BCV
IR12.D06L-Q60.UAME.7BO IR12.D06S-Q50.IA1Z.7BO IR12.D06L-Q60.UA1E.7BO IR12.P04F-F40.PO1Z.7BCV
IR12.P10S-N50.NO1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N60.NO1Z.7BO IR12.P10S-N40.NO1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N50.NO1Z.7BO
IR12.P06S-F50.NO1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F60.NO1Z.7BO IR12.P06S-F40.NO1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F50.NO1Z.7BO
IR12.P10S-N50.NC1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N60.NC1Z.7BO IR12.P10S-N40.NC1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N50.NC1Z.7BO
IR12.P06S-F50.NC1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F60.NC1Z.7BO IR12.P06S-F40.NC1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F50.NC1Z.7BO
IR12.P10S-N50.PO1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N60.PO1Z.7BO IR12.P10S-N40.PO1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N50.PO1Z.7BO
IR12.P06S-F50.PO1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F60.PO1Z.7BO IR12.P06S-F40.PO1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F50.PO1Z.7BO
IR12.P10S-N50.PC1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N60.PC1Z.7BO IR12.P10S-N40.PC1Z.7BCV IR12.P10S-N50.PC1Z.7BO
IR12.P06S-F50.PC1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F60.PC1Z.7BO IR12.P06S-F40.PC1Z.7BCV IR12.P06S-F50.PC1Z.7BO
IR12.D06L-Q60.IA1E.7BO IR12.D03K-F60.IA1E.7FO IR12.D03K-F60.UA1E.7FO IR12.P04S-F85.PV1Z.7BO
IR12.P04S-F50.PV1Z.7BO IR12.P10S-N40.PO1Z.7BLV IR12V.P04S-F55.PO1Z.9BDU IR12V.P04S-F55.NO1Z.9BDU
IR12.P06S-F50.PO1Z.7BCV --- --- ---
--- IR18.P08F-Q60.PO1Z.7BO IR18.P08F-Q60.NO1Z.7BO IR18.P06F-F60.PO1Z.7BO
IR18.P06F-F60.NO1Z.7BO IR18.P06F-F60.PC1Z.7BO IR18.P06F-F60.NC1Z.7BO IR18.P06F-F50.PO1Z.7BCV
IR18.P06F-F50.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P06F-F50.PC1Z.7BCV IR18.P06F-F50.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.P08F-Q60.PC1Z.7BO
IR18.P08F-Q60.NC1Z.7BO IR18.P08F-Q50.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P08F-Q50.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P08F-Q50.PC1Z.7BCV
IR18.P08F-Q50.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.D08S-Q60.UA1Z.7BO IR18.D08L-Q60.UAME.7BO IR18.D08S-Q50.UA1Z.7BCV
IR18.D05S-F60.UA1Z.7BO IR18.D08L-Q60.UA1E.7BO IR18.D08M-F60.UA1E.7BO IR18.P12S-F60.PO1Z.7BO
IR18.P15S-N50.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N35.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N60.NO1Z.7BO IR18.P15S-N45.NO1Z.7BO
IR18.P12S-F50.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F60.NO1Z.7BO IR18.P12S-F35.NO1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F45.NO1Z.7BO
IR18.P15S-N50.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N60.NC1Z.7BO IR18.P15S-N35.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N45.NC1Z.7BO
IR18.P12S-F50.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F60.NC1Z.7BO IR18.P12S-F35.NC1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F45.NC1Z.7BO
IR18.P15S-N50.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N60.PO1Z.7BO IR18.P15S-N35.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N45.PO1Z.7BO
IR18.P12S-F50.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F35.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F45.PO1Z.7BO IR18.P15S-N50.PC1Z.7BCV
IR18.P15S-N60.PC1Z.7BO IR18.P15S-N35.PC1Z.7BCV IR18.P15S-N45.PC1Z.7BO IR18.P12S-F50.PC1Z.7BCV
IR18.P12S-F60.PC1Z.7BO IR18.P12S-F35.PC1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F45.PC1Z.7BO IR18.D03K-F60.IA1E.7FO
IR18.D03K-F60.UA1E.7FO IR18.D08S-Q60.IA1Z.7BO IR18.D08L-Q60.IA1E.7BO IR18.D08F-F60.UA1E.7BO
IR18V.D08L-F50.UA1Z.9BDU IR18V.P08S-F50.PO1Z.9BDU IR18V.D08L-F50.UA1Z.9BDU IR18V.P08S-F50.NO1Z.9BDU
IR18.P12S-F35.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P12S-F35.PO1Z.7BCV IR18.P08S-F60.PV1Z.7BO ---
--- --- --- IR30.P18S-F50.NV1Z.7BCV
IR30.P18S-F35.NV1Z.7BCV IR30.P18S-F35.PV1Z.7BCV IR30.P18S-F60.NV1Z.7BO IR30.P18S-F60.PV1Z.7BO
IR30.P18S-F45.NV1Z.7BO IR30.P18S-F45.PV1Z.7BO IR30.P24S-N50.NV1Z.7BCV IR30.P24S-N50.PV1Z.7BCV
IR30.P24S-N35.NV1Z.7BCV IR30.P24S-N35.PV1Z.7BCV IR30.P24S-N60.NV1Z.7BO IR30.P24S-N60.PV1Z.7BO
IR30.P24S-N45.NV1Z.7BO IR30.P24S-N45.PV1Z.7BO MIR3000F-0690.MF.131072 IR30.D18S-F60.UA1Z.7BO
IR30.D18S-F60.IA1Z.7BO IR30.D24S-N60.UA1Z.7BO IR30.D24S-N60.IA1Z.7BO IR30.D18L-F60.UA1E.7BO
IR30.D18L-F60.IA1E.7BO IR30.D24L-N60.UA1E.7BO IR30.D24L-N60.IA1E.7BO

Inductive proximity switch IGYX

Inductive proximity switch

Application-specific inductive sensors Baumer IGYX: Large sensing distance / Factor 1

  • Sensors with extended switching distance up to 24 mm
  • Factor 1 sensors with the same switching distance on all metals
  • Large installation tolerances
  • Enhanced protection against mechanical damage
  • Cylindrical designs from Ø6.5 mm to M30
  • Flush and non-flush variant
  • Detection of stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals with the same sensing distance
  • High switching frequencies up to 3 kHz
Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
IGYX 08N17B3/L IGYX 08N17B3/S35L IGYX 08N37B3/L IGYX 08N37B3/S35L
IGYX 08P17B1/S35L IGYX 08P17B3/L IGYX 08P17B3/S35L IGYX 08P37B3/L
IGYX 08P37B3/S35L IGYX 12N17B3/L IGYX 12N17B3/S14L IGYX 12N37B3/L
IGYX 12N37B3/S14L IGYX 12P17B1/S14L IGYX 12P17B3/L IGYX 12P17B3/S14L
IGYX 12P37B3/L IGYX 12P37B3/S14L IGYX 18N17B3/L IGYX 18N17B3/S14L
IGYX 18N37B3/L IGYX 18N37B3/S14L IGYX 18P17B3/L IGYX 18P17B3/S14L
IGYX 18P37B3/L IGYX 18P37B3/S14L IGYX 30N17B3/L IGYX 30N17B3/S14L
IGYX 30N37B3/L IGYX 30N37B3/S14L IGYX 30P17B3/L IGYX 30P17B3/S14L
IGYX 30P37B3/L IGYX 30P37B3/S14L

Magnetic proximity switch MFFMMFVMMHRM

Magnetic proximity switch

Magnetic proximity switches with a magneto-resistive sensing. Distance 60 mm. NPN make function (NO). Cable PUR, 2 m, Temperature -25 … 75°C, IP67.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
MFFM 08N1424/PL MFFM 08N3424/PL
MFFM 08P1424/PL MFFM 08P3424/PL
MFRM 08N1524/PL MFRM 08N3524/PL
MFRM 08P1524/KS35PL/0010 MFRM 08P1524/PL
MFRM 08P1524/PL/0300 MFRM 08P1524/S35L
MFRM 08P3524/PL MFRM 12P55/162427
MFVM 08N1424/PL MFVM 08N3424/PL
MFVM 08P1424/PL MFVM 08P3424/PL
MHRM 12G2501 MHRM 12G2501/0300
MHRM 12G2501/0400 MHRM 12G2501/1000
MHRM 12G5501 MHRM 12G5501/S14
MHRM 12N5524/L/0500

Precision mechanical switchesMy-Com

Precision mechanical switches

Precision mechanical switches My-Com. Micrometer precision 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick. Repeat accuracy of 1 micrometer. The most accurate mechanical limit switch in the world. Compact design for very confined installation environment. Different housing designs. Selection of activating pins made of steel and zirconium oxide. PNP/NPN three-wire design. 50 mA maximum load current. Selection of activating pins made of steel and ruby. Lateral angle of approach max. 30°. Normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). Protection class IP67.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
MY COM A100/200 MY COM A100/300
MY COM A100/80 MY COM A100/S35
MY COM A30/80 MY COM A30/S35
MY COM A50/200 MY COM A50/80
MY COM A50/S35 MY COM A75/200
MY COM A75/250 MY COM A75/80
MY COM A75/80/TF MY COM A75/S35
MY COM B100/200 MY COM B100/300/K517
MY COM B100/500 MY COM B100/80
MY COM B30/200 MY COM B30/403893
MY COM B30/80 MY COM B50/200
MY COM B50/500 MY COM B50/80
MY COM B75/200 MY COM B75/300
MY COM B75/350 MY COM B75/80
MY COM BS75 MY COM C100/200
MY COM C100/80 MY COM C100/S35
MY COM C30/80 MY COM C30/S35
MY COM C50/80 MY COM C50/S35
MY COM C75/200 MY COM C75/250
MY COM C75/80 MY COM C75/S35
MY COM C75P/508027 MY COM D250/200
MY COM D250/300 MY COM D250/80
MY COM D250/G75P/200 MY COM D250/G75P/500
MY COM D250/G75PS35L MY COM D250/S35
MY COM E100/200 MY COM E100/500
MY COM E100/80 MY COM E100P/200/L
MY COM E75/200 MY COM E75/500
MY COM E75/80 MY COM E75N80/L
MY COM E75P/200/L MY COM E75P/500/L
MY COM F100/200 MY COM F100/80
MY COM F100/S35 MY COM F30/500
MY COM F30/80 MY COM F30/S35
MY COM F50/80 MY COM F50/S35
MY COM F75/200 MY COM F75/405600
MY COM F75/80 MY COM F75/K518
MY COM F75/S35 MY COM G150P/S35L
MY COM G75N/200/L MY COM G75N/400
MY COM G75N/500 MY COM G75N/S35L
MY COM G75P/100/L MY COM G75P/200
MY COM G75P/200/L MY COM G75P/250/K517
MY COM G75P/300 MY COM G75P/400/L
MY COM G75P/500 MY COM G75P/500/L
MY COM G75P80/L MY COM H150/200/BL
MY COM H150/300/BL MY COM H75/121736
MY COM H75/200 MY COM H75/300
MY COM H75/500 MY COM H75/80
MY COM H75/S35 MY COM L150P/S35L
MY COM L75N/200/L MY COM L75N/S35L
MY COM L75N80/L MY COM L75P/200/L
MY COM L75P/500/L MY COM L75P/S35L
MY COM L75P500L/K501 MY COM L75P80
MY COM L75P80/L MY COM M100P/80
MY COM M75/80 MY COM M75/S35
MY COM M75P500 MY COM M75P80