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Incremental encoders

GE355 GE333 Incremental encoders

GE355GE333Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders

GE355 optical encoder in stainless steel 1.4305 housing with normal shaft and clamp flange. Output channels A,B,N (zero pulse), direct and inverted. The output is realized by two-stroke symmetrical circuit or RS422. Connection with 1 m cable.

GE355.A223123 GE355.A223135
GE355.A223148 GE355.A224A35
GE355.A224A48 GE355.A703115
GE355.A703123 GE355.A703141
GE355.A704413 GE355.A704423
GE355.A704424 GE355.A704428
GE355.A704429 GE355.A704448
GE355.A704622 GE355.A704647
GE355.A704A06 GE355.A704A23
GE355.A704A35 GE355.A704A37
GE355.A704A48 GE355.A723148
GE355.A724A29 GE355.A724A39
GE333.A704615 GE333.A724106
GF333.0224641 GF333.0704641