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Incremental encoders

GI357 Incremental encoders

GI357Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders

The GI357 is designed according to SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) and can be used in critical applications such as elevators and other moving systems where human safety is an issue. The safety function must be implemented in the control system. Control of inphase signals. Direct and inverse signal lines must always have an antiphase signal level. Transient states in which the outputs have the same signal level must not exceed a few microseconds. If this time is exceeded, the self-diagnostics of the encoder detects this as a defect and issues a corresponding signal. Line break monitoring. Do not use supply cables (signal lines) with high electrical resistance. The high resistance of the encoder outputs transmits the alarm signals from the encoder itself to the control system. Shaft speed monitoring. If the allowable shaft speed limit is reached, the higher control system monitors the output frequency. If the output frequencies are not identical (different), the system recognizes the defect. Control of the direction of rotation of the shaft. The phase offset of the output signals must be 90°, deviations from this value are monitored. The direction of rotation of the shaft must be monitored accordingly. If there is no change in the state of at least one output, the second output must be monitored and only then the system signals that the encoder shaft is stationary, i.e. that the rotation has stopped.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
GI357.070C223 GI357.070C322
GI357.070C323N GI357.070C330
GI357.070M323 GI357.072C322
GI357.072M322 GI357.072M323
GI357.170C323N GI357.170C330
GI357.A70C222 GI357.A70C223
GI357.A70C322 GI357.A70C323
GI357.A70C323N GI357.A70C330
GI357.A70M222 GI357.A70M322
GI357.A70M323 GI357.A72C322
GI357.A72C323 GI357.B70C323