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Incremental encoders

BRID BRIH BRIV Incremental encoders

BRIDBRIHBRIVIncremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders EcoMag with the through hollow shaft. Magnetic sensing method. Max. 2048 pulses per revolution. High resistance to shock and vibrations. Wide pulse number range. High limit frequency.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
BRID 58S1605A01000P25 BRID 58S1605A01024P2N
BRID 58S1605A02000B2N BRID 58S1605A02048B2A
BRID 58S1624K00064B0N BRID 58S1624K00064P25
BRID 58S1624K00064P2N BRID 58S1624K00512B2N
BRID 58S1624K01024P2N BRID 58S1624K02000P2A
BRID 58S1624W01024P2N -
- -
BRIH 40D1605A00500E25 BRIH 40D1605A00500E69
BRIH 40D1605A00512E69 BRIH 40D1605A01000E25
BRIH 40D1605A01024E25 BRIH 40D1605A01024E29
BRIH 40D3617K00004E25 BRIH 40D3617K00016E29
BRIH 40D3617K00160E29 BRIH 40D3617K00200E25
BRIH 40D3617K00250E65 BRIH 40D3617K00512E29
BRIH 40D3617K01000E29 BRIH 40D3617K01000E65
BRIH 40D3617K01024E25 BRIH 40D3617K01024E25/0400
BRIH 40D3617K01024E69 BRIH 58S1605A00512B2N
BRIH 58S1605A01024P25 BRIH 58S1605A01024P2N
BRIH 58S1605A02000P2A BRIH 58S1605A02048P2A
BRIH 58S1624A01000P25 BRIH 58S1624K00064P2A
BRIH 58S1624K00360P2A BRIH 58S1624K00512P2N
BRIH 58S1624K01000B2N BRIH 58S1624K01000P25
BRIH 58S1624K01000P2A BRIH 58S1624K01024P25
BRIH 58S1624K01024P2N BRIH 58S1624K01800P25
BRIH 58S1624K01800P2A BRIH 58S1624K02000P2A
BRIH 58S1624K02048P2N BRIH 58S1624W01024P2A
BRIH 58S5624K01000P2A BRIH 58S5624K01024P25
- -
- BRIV 30R6617K00200N65
BRIV 30S1605A00020L55 BRIV 30S1605A01000L59
BRIV 30S3617K01024L55 BRIV 30S3617K01024L59
BRIV 58K1605A02048C0A BRIV 58K1624A01024C0A
BRIV 58K1624K00064105 BRIV 58K1624K00064C0N
BRIV 58K1624K00360C05 BRIV 58K1624K00512C05
BRIV 58K1624K01000C0A BRIV 58K1624K01000C0N
BRIV 58K1624K0102410N BRIV 58K1624K01024C0N
BRIV 58K1624K02000C05 BRIV 58K1624K02048105
BRIV 58K1624K02048C0A BRIV 58K1624W02048C0N
BRIV 58S1605A01024C65 BRIV 58S1624K00512C65
BNIV 40Z1D26W02048L65 BNIV 40Z1D26W02048L6N