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Incremental encoders

BHK Incremental encoders

BHKIncremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders BHK, mini encoder with blind or through hollow shaft. Optical sensing method. Max. 2048 pulses per revolution. Housing ø40 mm. Operation speed max. 12000 rpm. Versatile mounting accessories. Incremental encoders BHG with blind or through hollow shaft ø12 mm. Max. 5000 pulses per revolution. Small profile depth.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
BHK 16.05A1000-B6-5 BHK 16.05A1000-E6-5
BHK 16.05A1000-E6-9 BHK 16.05A1000-I2-5
BHK 16.05A1000-I2-9 BHK 16.05A1000-I6-5
BHK 16.05A1000-I8-5 BHK 16.05A100-B2-5
BHK 16.05A100-E6-5 BHK 16.05A1024-B2-5
BHK 16.05A1024-B2-9 BHK 16.05A1024-B6-5
BHK 16.05A1024-B6-9 BHK 16.05A1024-E6-5
BHK 16.05A1024-E6-9 BHK 16.05A1024-I2-5
BHK 16.05A1024-I2-9 BHK 16.05A1200-I2-5/0200
BHK 16.05A120-B6-5 BHK 16.05A120-B6-5/0300
BHK 16.05A120-E6-5 BHK 16.05A1250-B6-5
BHK 16.05A1500-B6-9 BHK 16.05A1500-I6-5
BHK 16.05A2000-B6-9 BHK 16.05A2000-E6-5
BHK 16.05A200-B2-5 BHK 16.05A2048-B2-9
BHK 16.05A2048-B6-5 BHK 16.05A2048-B6-9
BHK 16.05A2048-E6-5 BHK 16.05A2048-E6-5/0500
BHK 16.05A2048-E6-9 BHK 16.05A250-B2-5
BHK 16.05A250-I2-9 BHK 16.05A360-I2-5
BHK 16.05A400-I3-5 BHK 16.05A500-B2-5
BHK 16.05A500-B6-5 BHK 16.05A500-B6-9
BHK 16.05A500-E6-9 BHK 16.05A500-I6-5
BHK 16.05A50-B6-5 BHK 16.05A50-I2-9
BHK 16.05A720-B2-5 BHK 16.05A720-B6-5
BHK 16.05A720-E6-5/0500 BHK 16.24K1000-B2-5
BHK 16.24K1000-B2-9 BHK 16.24K1000-B6-5
BHK 16.24K1000-B6-9 BHK 16.24K1000-E6-5
BHK 16.24K1000-I2-5 BHK 16.24K1000-P2-5
BHK 16.24K100-B2-5 BHK 16.24K100-B2-9
BHK 16.24K100-B6-5 BHK 16.24K100-E6-5
BHK 16.24K100-E6-9 BHK 16.24K100-I2-9
BHK 16.24K100-M6-5 BHK 16.24K1024-B2-5
BHK 16.24K1024-B2-9 BHK 16.24K1024-B6-5
BHK 16.24K1024-B6-9 BHK 16.24K1024-E6-5
BHK 16.24K1024-E6-9 BHK 16.24K1024-I2-5
BHK 16.24K1024-I2-9 BHK 16.24K1024-M6-5/1000
BHK 16.24K10-B2-9 BHK 16.24K10-B6-5
BHK 16.24K10-B6-9 BHK 16.24K10-I2-9
BHK 16.24K120-B2-9 BHK 16.24K1250-E6-5
BHK 16.24K1500-I8-5 BHK 16.24K150-I2-5
BHK 16.24K180-E2-5 BHK 16.24K180-E2-9
BHK 16.24K2000-B6-5 BHK 16.24K2000-B6-9
BHK 16.24K2000-E6-5 BHK 16.24K2000-E6-9
BHK 16.24K200-B6-5 BHK 16.24K200-E6-5
BHK 16.24K200-I2-5 BHK 16.24K2048-B2-9
BHK 16.24K2048-B6-5 BHK 16.24K2048-B6-5/0200
BHK 16.24K2048-B6-9 BHK 16.24K2048-B8-5
BHK 16.24K2048-E6-5 BHK 16.24K2048-E6-9
BHK 16.24K2048-M6-9 BHK 16.24K20-B2-9
BHK 16.24K20-B6-5 BHK 16.24K20-B6-9
BHK 16.24K20-E6-5 BHK 16.24K20-I2-9
BHK 16.24K20-M6-5 BHK 16.24K250-B0-5
BHK 16.24K250-B0-9 BHK 16.24K250-B2-5
BHK 16.24K250-B2-9 BHK 16.24K250-B6-5
BHK 16.24K250-B6-5/0400 BHK 16.24K250-B6-9
BHK 16.24K250-E6-5 BHK 16.24K25-B6-9
BHK 16.24K30-E6-5 BHK 16.24K360-B6-5
BHK 16.24K360-B6-9 BHK 16.24K360-E6-5/0200
BHK 16.24K360-E6-9 BHK 16.24K360-I2-5/0500
BHK 16.24K360-I2-9 BHK 16.24K400-B2-5
BHK 16.24K400-B2-5/0300 BHK 16.24K400-B6-5
BHK 16.24K400-I2-5 BHK 16.24K400-I3-5
BHK 16.24K40-E6-5 BHK 16.24K40-M6-5
BHK 16.24K500-B2-9 BHK 16.24K500-B6-5
BHK 16.24K500-B6-9 BHK 16.24K500-E6-5
BHK 16.24K500-E6-9 BHK 16.24K500-I2-5
BHK 16.24K500-I6-9 BHK 16.24K500-M6-9
BHK 16.24K500-P2-5 BHK 16.24K50-B2-5
BHK 16.24K50-B6-9 BHK 16.24K50-E6-5
BHK 16.24K50-I2-9 BHK 16.24K512-B6-5
BHK 16.24K512-I6-9 BHK 16.24K512-M6-9
BHK 16.24K5-B2-9 BHK 16.24K5-E6-5
BHK 16.24K60-B2-9 BHK 16.24K60-B6-5
BHK 16.24K60-E6-5 BHK 16.24K720-B6-5
- -
- BHL 16.05A1024-B4-5
BHL 16.05A360-B6-9 BHL 16.05A500-B4-9