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Incremental encoders

HMC16 HMC18 Incremental encoders

HMC16HMC18Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders without bearings with magnetic sensing and connected signal processing. Bearingless encoder system of rotor (HMCR16) and stator with sensing unit (HMCK16) with connected signal processing (HMCP16). Magnetic sensing. Robust and free from wear, very high maximum speed up to 25000 rpm. SinCos, HTL und TTL output, 128...65536 pulses with connected signal processing. Redundant sensing for concentricity error compensation. Delivery includes connector plug (not shown).

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
HMC16A1 N40E02 S10T10X00E01 HMC16A2 N25D02 H10T21X00E01
HMC16A2 N25E02 H02X00X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 A02B02X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 B02B02X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 H02H02X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 P02P02X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 S10T10X00A01
HMC16A2 N45D02 S11T11X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 S12B12X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 S12T12X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 T01X00X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 T12X00X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 U02U02X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 U11U11X00E01 HMC16A2 N45D02 U12U12X00E01
HMC16A2 N45D02 U30U31X00E13 HMC16A2 N45D02 U32F13X00E00
HMC16A2 N45E02 H12X00X00A01 HMC16A2 N45E02 S10T10X00E01
HMC16A2 N45E02 S11T11X00E01 HMC16A2 N45E02 S11X00X00E01
HMC16A2 N45E02 U02U02X00E01 HMC16A2 N50D02 S02T12X00E01
HMC16A2 N60D01 P13P13X00E01 HMC16A2 N60D02 P12P12X00E01
HMC16A2 N60D02 S10T10X00A01 HMC16A2 N60E02 S11T11X00E01
HMC16A2 X45D02 C02C02X00E01 HMC16A2 X45D02 C11C11X00E01
HMC16A2 X45D02 H10F02X00B02 HMC16A2 X45D02 H10F11X00B02
HMC16A2 X45D02 H10F12X00B02 HMC16A2 X45D02 H11F01X00B02
HMC16A2 X45D02 H11F11X00B02 HMC16A2 X45D02 S11B11X00E02
HMC16A2 X45D02 S11H11H11E01 HMC16A2 X45D02 U02U02X00E01
HMC16A2 X45D02 U11U11X00E01 HMC16T2 N45D02 S12B12X00E01
HMC18A1 N60D02 T12T33X00E01 HMC18A1 N75D02 S51T51X00E11
HMC18A1 N80D02 S50U50X00E01 HMC18A1 N80D02 U51U51X00E01
HMC18A1 N80E02 U50U50X00E01 HMC18A1 N85E02 S11T11X00E01
HMC18A1 N95D02 U51U51X00E01 HMC18A1 X65D02 A61C62X00E00
HMC18A1 X65D02 H70H62X00E01 HMC18A1 X65D02 S02X00X00E01
HMC18A1 X65D02 S71H62X00E01 HMC18A1 X65D02 T70T62X00E01
HMC18A1 X65D02 U62U62X00E01 HMC18A1 X65E02 S00H02T02E01
HMC18A1 X75D02 H62T62X00E02 HMC18A1 X75D02 S62T62X00E01
HMC18A1 X75E02 S00T02X00E01 HMC18A1 X80D02 S63H63X00E01
HMC18A1 X80D02 S71H71H71E01 HMC18A1 X80D02 S71T62X00E01
HMC18A1 X85D02 H62T62X00E01 HMC18A1 X85D02 H62X00X00A01
HMC18A1 X85D02 S71H62X00E01 HMC18A1 X90D02 P70P70X00E01
HMC18A1 X90D02 P71P71X00E01 HMC18A1 X90D02 U71U71X00E01
HMC18A1 X95D02 P71P71X00E01 HMC18A1 X95D02 U71U71X00E01
HMC18T1 N55D02 B51B51X00E01 HMC18T1 N55D02 S51B51X00E01
HMC18T1 N65D02 B51B51X00E01 HMC18T1 N65D02 S51U51X00E01
HMC18T1 N75D02 B51B51X00E01 HMC18T1 N75D02 C50C50X00E01
HMC18T1 N75D02 C51C51X00E01 HMC18T1 N75D02 S51B51X00E01
HMC18T1 N75D02 S51U51X00E01 HMC18T1 N85D02 B51B51X00E01
HMC18T1 N85D02 B51B51X00E03 HMC18T1 N85D02 S51U51X00E01
HMC18T1 N90D02 A51B51X00E01 HMC18T1 N95D02 C52C52X00E01
HMC18T1 X90D02 U62X00X00E01