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Incremental encoders

MDFK MA20 Incremental contactless encoders

MDFKMA20Incremental contactless encoders

Incremental contactless encoders

Encoders incremental without bearings, a combination of sensor and magnetic wheel. Resolution max. 4096 steps. Output signals A 90° B or A 90° B +N. Output circuits: push-pull and RS422. Non-contact, wear-free sensing system. High resistance to dirt. Narrow mounting design.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
MDFK 08G21/404499 MDFK 08G21/405134
MDFK 08G2101 MDFK 08G2101/0500
MDFK 08G2101/S35A MDFK 08G2124/N16
MDFK 08G2124/S35AN1 MDFK 08G2124/S35AN10
MDFK 08G2124/S35AN16 MDFK 08G2124/S35AN4
MDFK 08G81/405004 MDFK 08G8124
MDFK 08G8124/0500 MDFK 08T71/404711
MDFK 08T7101 MDFK 08T7101/1000
MDFK 08T7105/N16 MDFK 08T8105/N16
MA20 N4I401D26W02048C5 MA20 N4I401D26W02048CN
MA20 N7I401D26W02048C5 MA20 N7I401D26W02048CN