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Incremental encoders

MHGP100 MHGP200 MHGP400 Incremental contactless encoders

MHGP100MHGP200MHGP400Incremental contactless encoders

Incremental contactless encoders

Encoders incremental without bearings HDmag MHGP. Sensor head with integrated FPGA signal processing and Magnetic sensing. Robust and wearless. Electronics is fully encapsulated, high protection. Large tolerances: axial ±3 mm, radial max. 2.2 mm. Very compact dimensions. Simple mounting, easy adaptation. Several mounting possibilities. Sensor head with integrated FPGA signal processing.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
MHGP100 B5 G38 HN16384 C MHGP100 B5 G38 HN8192 C
MHGP100 B5 G38 PN8192 C MHGP100 B5 G38 TN2048 C
MHGP100 B5 G38 UN16384 C MHGP100 B5 G38 UN2048 C
MHGP100 B5 G60 PN8192 C MHGP100 B5 G60 RN1024 C
MHGP100 B5 G60 RN4096 C MHGP100 B5 G70 PN2048 C
MHGP100 B5 G70 PN512 C MHGP100 B5 G75 RN131072 C
MHGP100 B5 G80 HN16384 C MHGP100 B5 G80 PN1024 C
MHGP100 B5 G80 PN2048 C MHGP100 B5 G80 TN128 C
MHGP100 B5 G80 UN32768 C MHGP100 B5 K40 RN32768 C
MHGP100 B5 K45 TN131072 C MHGP100 B5 K45 TN32768 C
MHGP100 B5 K65 PN1024 C MHGP100 B5 K70 HN8192 C
MHGP100 B5 K75 TN1024 C MHGP100 B5 Z20 TN8192 C
MHGP100 B5 Z22 HN16384 C MHGP100 B5 Z25 HN32768 C
MHGP100 B5 Z25 TN8192 C MHGP100 B5 Z32 PN2048 C
MHGP100 B5 Z32 RN1024 C MHGP100 B5 Z38 UN131072 C
MHGP100 B5 Z38 UN512 C MHGP100 B5 Z40 RN16384 C
MHGP100 B5 Z40 UN131072 C MHGP100 B5 Z50 PN1024 C
MHGP100 B5 Z65 RN131072 C MHGP100 M B5 K25 PN1024 C
MHGP100 M B5 Z65 RN65536 C MHGP100 T5 Z16 PN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 G115 UN16384 C MHGP200 B5 G120 PN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 G125 TN262144 C MHGP200 B5 G150 PN8192 C
MHGP200 B5 G150 TN16384C MHGP200 B5 G150 UN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 G160 PN4096 C MHGP200 B5 G170 PN8192 C
MHGP200 B5 G180 HN1024 C MHGP200 B5 G180 PN8192 C
MHGP200 B5 G180 RN1024 C MHGP200 B5 G180 RN8192 C
MHGP200 B5 G50 HN1024 C MHGP200 B5 G50 UN4096 C
MHGP200 B5 G60 RN32768 C MHGP200 B5 G75 HN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 G75 PN2048 C MHGP200 B5 G75 UN32768 C
MHGP200 B5 G80 PN2048 C MHGP200 B5 G80 TN131072 C
MHGP200 B5 G80 TN16384C MHGP200 B5 G80 TN32768 C
MHGP200 B5 K100 RN32768 C MHGP200 B5 K105 PN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 K110 PN1024 C MHGP200 B5 K120 TN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 K150 HN1024 C MHGP200 B5 K160 PN128 C
MHGP200 B5 K75 TN65536 C MHGP200 B5 K80 PN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 K85 PN1024 C MHGP200 B5 Z100 HN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 Z110 HN2048 C MHGP200 B5 Z120 HN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 Z120 PN1024 C MHGP200 B5 Z120 PN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 Z130 HN2048 C MHGP200 B5 Z130 PN1024 C
MHGP200 B5 Z130 PN2048 C MHGP200 B5 Z140 HN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 Z150 PN8192 C MHGP200 B5 Z80 PN2048 C
MHGP200 B5 Z85 UN262144 C MHGP200 B5 Z95 HN1024 C
MHGP200 M T5 G75 HN1024 C MHGP200 T5 G150 TN1024 C
MHGP200 T5 K90 TN262144 C MHGP400 B5 G180 HN131072 C
MHGP400 B5 G210 RN524288 C MHGP400 B5 G250 UN2048 C
MHGP400 B5 G300 UN32768 C MHGP400 B5 G340 HN4096 C
MHGP400 B5 G340 UN16384 C MHGP400 B5 Z100 PN32768 C
MHGP400 B5 Z160 HN2048 C MHGP400 B5 Z160 HN4096 C
MHGP400 B5 Z160 PN2048 C MHGP400 B5 Z170 HN2048 C
MHGP400 B5 Z170 HN4096 C MHGP400 B5 Z200 PN4096 C
MHGX200 P12-046