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Pressure measurement, control and limiting

ME12 Digital Pressure Transmitter with Remote Configuration Function

ME12Digital Pressure Transmitter with Remote Configuration Function

Digital Pressure Transmitter with Remote Configuration Function

The ME12 is a pressure transmitter with a ceramic measuring cell for over-pressure and under-pressure and can be used for both relative and also absolute pressure measurements. The pressure transmitter can be used with non-aggressive liquid and gaseous media. The pressure sensor work on the thick layer technology DMS principle. The measured pressure acts directly onto a ceramic membrane that deforms when under pressure. This changes the resistance of the attached DMS bridge. Electronics integrated into the device convert this bridge signal into an electronic output signal. Every pressure transmitter is programmed according to the code in the order code on delivery. Also, the electrical connections can be used to configure the pressure transmitter, adapting it ideally to suit the process conditions.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
ME1201M85 ME1201M87 ME1201M88
ME1201MS1 ME1201MA3 ME1201MA8
ME1201085 ME1201087 ME1201088
ME12010S1 ME12010A3 ME12010A8
ME1201S85 ME1201S87 ME1201S88
ME1201SS1 ME1201SA3 ME1201SA8
ME1201T85 ME1201T87 ME1201T88
ME1201TS1 ME1201TA3 ME1201TA8
ME1202M85 ME1202M87 ME1202M88
ME1202MS1 ME1202MA3 ME1202MA8
ME1202085 ME1202087 ME1202088
ME12020S1 ME12020A3 ME12020A8
ME1202S85 ME1202S87 ME1202S88
ME1202SS1 ME1202SA3 ME1202SA8
ME1202T85 ME1202T87 ME1202T88
ME1202TS1 ME1202TA3 ME1202TA8
ME1203M85 ME1203M87 ME1203M88
ME1203MS1 ME1203MA3 ME1203MA8
ME1203085 ME1203087 ME1203088
ME12030S1 ME12030A3 ME12030A8
ME1203S85 ME1203S87 ME1203S88
ME1203SS1 ME1203SA3 ME1203SA8
ME1203T85 ME1203T87 ME1203T88
ME1203TS1 ME1203TA3 ME1203TA8
ME1204M85 ME1204M87 ME1204M88
ME1204MS1 ME1204MA3 ME1204MA8
ME1204085 ME1204087 ME1204088
ME12040S1 ME12040A3 ME12040A8
ME1204S85 ME1204S87 ME1204S88
ME1204SS1 ME1204SA3 ME1204SA8
ME1204T85 ME1204T87 ME1204T88
ME1204TS1 ME1204TA3 ME1204TA8
ME1205M85 ME1205M87 ME1205M88
ME1205MS1 ME1205MA3 ME1205MA8
ME1205085 ME1205087 ME1205088
ME12050S1 ME12050A3 ME12050A8
ME1205S85 ME1205S87 ME1205S88
ME1205SS1 ME1205SA3 ME1205SA8
ME1205T85 ME1205T87 ME1205T88
ME1205TS1 ME1205TA3 ME1205TA8
ME1206M85 ME1206M87 ME1206M88
ME1206MS1 ME1206MA3 ME1206MA8
ME1206085 ME1206087 ME1206088
ME12060S1 ME12060A3 ME12060A8
ME1206S85 ME1206S87 ME1206S88
ME1206SS1 ME1206SA3 ME1206SA8
ME1206T85 ME1206T87 ME1206T88
ME1206TS1 ME1206TA3 ME1206TA8
ME1207M85 ME1207M87 ME1207M88
ME1207MS1 ME1207MA3 ME1207MA8
ME1207085 ME1207087 ME1207088
ME12070S1 ME12070A3 ME12070A8
ME1207S85 ME1207S87 ME1207S88
ME1207SS1 ME1207SA3 ME1207SA8
ME1207T85 ME1207T87 ME1207T88
ME1207TS1 ME1207TA3 ME1207TA8
ME1208M85 ME1208M87 ME1208M88
ME1208MS1 ME1208MA3 ME1208MA8
ME1208085 ME1208087 ME1208088
ME12080S1 ME12080A3 ME12080A8
ME1208S85 ME1208S87 ME1208S88
ME1208SS1 ME1208SA3 ME1208SA8
ME1208T85 ME1208T87 ME1208T88
ME1208TS1 ME1208TA3 ME1208TA8
ME1209M85 ME1209M87 ME1209M88
ME1209MS1 ME1209MA3 ME1209MA8
ME1209085 ME1209087 ME1209088
ME12090S1 ME12090A3 ME12090A8
ME1209S85 ME1209S87 ME1209S88
ME1209SS1 ME1209SA3 ME1209SA8
ME1209T85 ME1209T87 ME1209T88
ME1209TS1 ME1209TA3 ME1209TA8
ME1210M85 ME1210M87 ME1210M88
ME1210MS1 ME1210MA3 ME1210MA8
ME1210085 ME1210087 ME1210088
ME12100S1 ME12100A3 ME12100A8
ME1210S85 ME1210S87 ME1210S88
ME1210SS1 ME1210SA3 ME1210SA8
ME1210T85 ME1210T87 ME1210T88
ME1210TS1 ME1210TA3 ME1210TA8
ME1211M85 ME1211M87 ME1211M88
ME1211MS1 ME1211MA3 ME1211MA8
ME1211085 ME1211087 ME1211088
ME12110S1 ME12110A3 ME12110A8
ME1211S85 ME1211S87 ME1211S88
ME1211SS1 ME1211SA3 ME1211SA8
ME1211T85 ME1211T87 ME1211T88
ME1211TS1 ME1211TA3 ME1211TA8
ME1231M85 ME1231M87 ME1231M88
ME1231MS1 ME1231MA3 ME1231MA8
ME1231085 ME1231087 ME1231088
ME12310S1 ME12310A3 ME12310A8
ME1231S85 ME1231S87 ME1231S88
ME1231SS1 ME1231SA3 ME1231SA8
ME1231T85 ME1231T87 ME1231T88
ME1231TS1 ME1231TA3 ME1231TA8
ME1232M85 ME1232M87 ME1232M88
ME1232MS1 ME1232MA3 ME1232MA8
ME1232085 ME1232087 ME1232088
ME12320S1 ME12320A3 ME12320A8
ME1232S85 ME1232S87 ME1232S88
ME1232SS1 ME1232SA3 ME1232SA8
ME1232T85 ME1232T87 ME1232T88
ME1232TS1 ME1232TA3 ME1232TA8
ME1233M85 ME1233M87 ME1233M88
ME1233MS1 ME1233MA3 ME1233MA8
ME1233085 ME1233087 ME1233088
ME12330S1 ME12330A3 ME12330A8
ME1233S85 ME1233S87 ME1233S88
ME1233SS1 ME1233SA3 ME1233SA8
ME1233T85 ME1233T87 ME1233T88
ME1233TS1 ME1233TA3 ME1233TA8
ME1234M85 ME1234M87 ME1234M88
ME1234MS1 ME1234MA3 ME1234MA8
ME1234085 ME1234087 ME1234088
ME12340S1 ME12340A3 ME12340A8
ME1234S85 ME1234S87 ME1234S88
ME1234SS1 ME1234SA3 ME1234SA8
ME1234T85 ME1234T87 ME1234T88
ME1234TS1 ME1234TA3 ME1234TA8
ME1235M85 ME1235M87 ME1235M88
ME1235MS1 ME1235MA3 ME1235MA8
ME1235085 ME1235087 ME1235088
ME12350S1 ME12350A3 ME12350A8
ME1235S85 ME1235S87 ME1235S88
ME1235SS1 ME1235SA3 ME1235SA8
ME1235T85 ME1235T87 ME1235T88
ME1235TS1 ME1235TA3 ME1235TA8