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Pressure measurement, control and limiting

ME49F ME49T Pressure Transmitter for Hazardous Areas

ME49FME49TPressure Transmitter for Hazardous Areas

Pressure Transmitter for Hazardous Areas

The ME49F is a pressure transmitter for applications in explosive areas according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, gas explosion protection zone 1. The measuring pressure acts on a ceramic membrane that deforms when under pressure. The output signal on the measurement bridge attached to rear of the membrane changes when the membrane deforms. Electronics integrated into the pressure transmitter housing converts the sensor signal into an electronic uniform signal 4...20mA.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
ME49T57BMA000R ME49T58BMA000R ME49T59BMA000R
ME49T60BMA000R ME49T82BMA000R ME49T83BMA000R
ME49T01BMA000R ME49T02BMA000R ME49T03BMA000R
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ME49F5787BEA0 ME49F5787BEA1 ME49F5887BEA0
ME49F5887BEA1 ME49F5987BEA0 ME49F5987BEA1
ME49F6087BEA0 ME49F6087BEA1 ME49F8287BEA0
ME49F8287BEA1 ME49F8387BEA0 ME49F8387BEA1
ME49F0187BEA0 ME49F0187BEA1 ME49F0287BEA0
ME49F0287BEA1 ME49F0387BEA0 ME49F0387BEA1
ME49F0487BEA0 ME49F0487BEA1 ME49F0587BEA0
ME49F0587BEA1 ME49F0687BEA0 ME49F0687BEA1
ME49F0787BEA0 ME49F0787BEA1 ME49F0887BEA0
ME49F0887BEA1 ME49F0987BEA0 ME49F0987BEA1
ME49F1087BEA0 ME49F1087BEA1 ME49F3187BEA0
ME49F3187BEA1 ME49F3287BEA0 ME49F3287BEA1
ME49F3387BEA0 ME49F3387BEA1 ME49F3487BEA0
ME49F3487BEA1 ME49F3587BEA0 ME49F3587BEA1
ME49F3687BEA0 ME49F3687BEA1 ME49F3787BEA0