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Pressure measurement, control and limiting

MS11 Contact pressure gauge for heavy measuring conditions

MS11 Contact pressure gauge for heavy measuring conditions

Contact pressure gauge for heavy measuring conditions

The MS11 contact manometer is a combined measuring and switch device for pressure measurements under difficult conditions, such as pressure impacts, vibrations, frequent switch processes or high requirements on the switch performance. The device is suitable for gaseous media and fluid media. The device can be used as a functional safety components (SIL).

The basis for this measurement and switch unit is a sturdy diaphragm measuring unit that is suitable for measuring over and under-pressure. In the rest position, the spring forces on both sides of the membrane are balanced out. Due to the pressure or underpressure to be measured, a singlesided force is created on the membrane which shifts the membrane system against the measurement range springs up to compensation of the spring forces. In case of overload, the membrane supports against the metallic support surfaces. A centrally positioned tappet transfers the movement of the membrane system on the motion train and operating elements of the micro-switches.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
MS1182NA00A MS1182NA0HA MS1182ND00A
MS1182ND0HA MS1182NW00A MS1182NW0HA
MS1182VA00A MS1182VA0HA MS1182VD00A
MS1182VD0HA MS1182VW00A MS1182VW0HA
MS1182DA00A MS1182DA0HA MS1182DD00A
MS1182DD0HA MS1182DW00A MS1182DW0HA
MS1182EA00A MS1182EA0HA MS1182ED00A
MS1182ED0HA MS1182EW00A MS1182EW0HA
MS1183NA00A MS1183NA0HA MS1183ND00A
MS1183ND0HA MS1183NW00A MS1183NW0HA
MS1183VA00A MS1183VA0HA MS1183VD00A
MS1183VD0HA MS1183VW00A MS1183VW0HA
MS1183DA00A MS1183DA0HA MS1183DD00A
MS1183DD0HA MS1183DW00A MS1183DW0HA
MS1183EA00A MS1183EA0HA MS1183ED00A
MS1183ED0HA MS1183EW00A MS1183EW0HA
MS1101NA00A MS1101NA0HA MS1101ND00A
MS1101ND0HA MS1101NW00A MS1101NW0HA
MS1101VA00A MS1101VA0HA MS1101VD00A
MS1101VD0HA MS1101VW00A MS1101VW0HA
MS1101DA00A MS1101DA0HA MS1101DD00A
MS1101DD0HA MS1101DW00A MS1101DW0HA
MS1101EA00A MS1101EA0HA MS1101ED00A
MS1101ED0HA MS1101EW00A MS1101EW0HA
MS1102NA00A MS1102NA0HA MS1102ND00A
MS1102ND0HA MS1102NW00A MS1102NW0HA
MS1102VA00A MS1102VA0HA MS1102VD00A
MS1102VD0HA MS1102VW00A MS1102VW0HA
MS1102DA00A MS1102DA0HA MS1102DD00A
MS1102DD0HA MS1102DW00A MS1102DW0HA
MS1102EA00A MS1102EA0HA MS1102ED00A
MS1102ED0HA MS1102EW00A MS1102EW0HA
MS1103NA00A MS1103NA0HA MS1103ND00A
MS1103ND0HA MS1103NW00A MS1103NW0HA
MS1103VA00A MS1103VA0HA MS1103VD00A
MS1103VD0HA MS1103VW00A MS1103VW0HA
MS1103DA00A MS1103DA0HA MS1103DD00A
MS1103DD0HA MS1103DW00A MS1103DW0HA
MS1103EA00A MS1103EA0HA MS1103ED00A
MS1103ED0HA MS1103EW00A MS1103EW0HA
MS1104NA00A MS1104NA0HA MS1104ND00A
MS1104ND0HA MS1104NW00A MS1104NW0HA
MS1104VA00A MS1104VA0HA MS1104VD00A
MS1104VD0HA MS1104VW00A MS1104VW0HA
MS1104DA00A MS1104DA0HA MS1104DD00A
MS1104DD0HA MS1104DW00A MS1104DW0HA
MS1104EA00A MS1104EA0HA MS1104ED00A
MS1104ED0HA MS1104EW00A MS1104EW0HA
MS1105NA00A MS1105NA0HA MS1105ND00A
MS1105ND0HA MS1105NW00A MS1105NW0HA
MS1105VA00A MS1105VA0HA MS1105VD00A
MS1105VD0HA MS1105VW00A MS1105VW0HA
MS1105DA00A MS1105DA0HA MS1105DD00A
MS1105DD0HA MS1105DW00A MS1105DW0HA
MS1105EA00A MS1105EA0HA MS1105ED00A
MS1105ED0HA MS1105EW00A MS1105EW0HA
MS1106NA00A MS1106NA0HA MS1106ND00A
MS1106ND0HA MS1106NW00A MS1106NW0HA
MS1106VA00A MS1106VA0HA MS1106VD00A
MS1106VD0HA MS1106VW00A MS1106VW0HA
MS1106DA00A MS1106DA0HA MS1106DD00A
MS1106DD0HA MS1106DW00A MS1106DW0HA
MS1106EA00A MS1106EA0HA MS1106ED00A
MS1106ED0HA MS1106EW00A MS1106EW0HA
MS1107NA00A MS1107NA0HA MS1107ND00A
MS1107ND0HA MS1107NW00A MS1107NW0HA
MS1107VA00A MS1107VA0HA MS1107VD00A
MS1107VD0HA MS1107VW00A MS1107VW0HA
MS1107DA00A MS1107DA0HA MS1107DD00A
MS1107DD0HA MS1107DW00A MS1107DW0HA
MS1107EA00A MS1107EA0HA MS1107ED00A
MS1107ED0HA MS1107EW00A MS1107EW0HA
MS1108NA00A MS1108NA0HA MS1108ND00A
MS1108ND0HA MS1108NW00A MS1108NW0HA
MS1108VA00A MS1108VA0HA MS1108VD00A
MS1108VD0HA MS1108VW00A MS1108VW0HA
MS1108DA00A MS1108DA0HA MS1108DD00A
MS1108DD0HA MS1108DW00A MS1108DW0HA
MS1108EA00A MS1108EA0HA MS1108ED00A
MS1108ED0HA MS1108EW00A MS1108EW0HA
MS1109NA00A MS1109NA0HA MS1109ND00A
MS1109ND0HA MS1109NW00A MS1109NW0HA
MS1109VA00A MS1109VA0HA MS1109VD00A
MS1109VD0HA MS1109VW00A MS1109VW0HA
MS1109DA00A MS1109DA0HA MS1109DD00A
MS1109DD0HA MS1109DW00A MS1109DW0HA
MS1109EA00A MS1109EA0HA MS1109ED00A
MS1109ED0HA MS1109EW00A MS1109EW0HA
MS1130NA00A MS1130NA0HA MS1130ND00A
MS1130ND0HA MS1130NW00A MS1130NW0HA
MS1130VA00A MS1130VA0HA MS1130VD00A
MS1130VD0HA MS1130VW00A MS1130VW0HA
MS1130DA00A MS1130DA0HA MS1130DD00A
MS1130DD0HA MS1130DW00A MS1130DW0HA
MS1130EA00A MS1130EA0HA MS1130ED00A
MS1130ED0HA MS1130EW00A MS1130EW0HA
MS1131NA00A MS1131NA0HA MS1131ND00A
MS1131ND0HA MS1131NW00A MS1131NW0HA
MS1131VA00A MS1131VA0HA MS1131VD00A
MS1131VD0HA MS1131VW00A MS1131VW0HA
MS1131DA00A MS1131DA0HA MS1131DD00A
MS1131DD0HA MS1131DW00A MS1131DW0HA
MS1131EA00A MS1131EA0HA MS1131ED00A
MS1131ED0HA MS1131EW00A MS1131EW0HA
MS1132NA00A MS1132NA0HA MS1132ND00A
MS1132ND0HA MS1132NW00A MS1132NW0HA
MS1132VA00A MS1132VA0HA MS1132VD00A
MS1132VD0HA MS1132VW00A MS1132VW0HA
MS1132DA00A MS1132DA0HA MS1132DD00A
MS1132DD0HA MS1132DW00A MS1132DW0HA
MS1132EA00A MS1132EA0HA MS1132ED00A
MS1132ED0HA MS1132EW00A MS1132EW0HA
MS1133NA00A MS1133NA0HA MS1133ND00A
MS1133ND0HA MS1133NW00A MS1133NW0HA
MS1133VA00A MS1133VA0HA MS1133VD00A
MS1133VD0HA MS1133VW00A MS1133VW0HA
MS1133DA00A MS1133DA0HA MS1133DD00A
MS1133DD0HA MS1133DW00A MS1133DW0HA
MS1133EA00A MS1133EA0HA MS1133ED00A
MS1133ED0HA MS1133EW00A MS1133EW0HA
MS1134NA00A MS1134NA0HA MS1134ND00A
MS1134ND0HA MS1134NW00A MS1134NW0HA
MS1134VA00A MS1134VA0HA MS1134VD00A
MS1134VD0HA MS1134VW00A MS1134VW0HA
MS1134DA00A MS1134DA0HA MS1134DD00A
MS1134DD0HA MS1134DW00A MS1134DW0HA
MS1134EA00A MS1134EA0HA MS1134ED00A
MS1134ED0HA MS1134EW00A MS1134EW0HA