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Fork Light Barriers and Sensors PANTRON




Made in Germany

Fork red light barrier with adjustable fork width. These light barriers provide manual and automatic operation modes and a teach function. The switching output is invertable by selecting dark function. For selection of several device features, two buttons and four LED's are present.

Technical Specifications

Fork width 5 - 85 mm
Supply voltage 15 ... 30 V DC
Current consumption up to 30 mA
Transmit lightRed 650 nm, modulated
Resolution up to 1 mm
Switching frequency 2 kHz
Light immunity 20.000 Lux
Switching output PNP / NPN 200 mA short circuit proof
Connection 3-pin plug M8
Protection class IP 67
Operating temperature -10°C...+60°C (14°F...140°F)
Housing material Aluminium, black anodized

Ordering Information

Fork depth
Order code
60 mm
Order code
90 mm
Switching frequency 4 kHz FSR-085V060-B3 FSR-085V090-B3
Switching frequency 10 kHz FSR-085V060-S-B3 FSR-085V090-S-B3