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ISM-1000 Example

ISM-1000 Example

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Made in Germany

ISM series base model; single channel system with manual operation. Electronic output stage (PhotoMOS). Test input for functional test by external test equipment. Available as screw terminal version or plug version.

Number of channels1
Multiplex-speed -
Range (using transmitter ITL combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 7 m / 15 m (23 ft / 49 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITH combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 10 m / 25 m (33 ft / 82 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITA combined with IRL / IRH) 20 m / 55 m (66 ft /180 ft)
Operating modemanual
Transmit frequency 3,9 kHz
Switching outputs 60 V AC / DC short-circuit proof
Response time 24 ms
Alarm output -
Error output -
Analog output -
Test input 24 V DC
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Version: Screw terminal Order code: ISM-1000S/24VDC
Version: Plug connection Order code: ISM-1000/24VDC