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Hydrostatic fill level sensors

Hydrocont M

Hydrocont M

Hydrocont M

Made in Germany


The fill level sensor Hydrocont M with integrated analogue evaluation electronic is a compact transmitter for continuous measuring of fill levels and temperatures in liquid media. This includes e.g. the measurement of levels in reservoirs, clarification basins, deep wells etc., but also the fill level measurement in closed containers.

For applications, where food or drink water suitability is necessary, a corresponding variant can be ordered.


  • highest strength against pressure and pressure blows
  • high resistance against chemicals and corrosion
  • very good insensitiveness against temperature shocks and EM interference
  • highest accuracy and long term stability
  • also low influence of temperature makes

It is possible to use the fill level sensor Hydrocont M in various applications with liquid media like: water, waste water, solvents, oil, sludge, grease, cleaning agents, etc.

Besides the level measurement it is possible to get the temperature of the medium by an integrated Pt100 resistor in parallel with this sensor.


The fill level sensor Hydrocont M is put into the medium by the carrying cable by using a suitable fixing e.g. cable clamp fixing, screw plug or connection housing.
The liquid medium contacts directly without using a pressure transferring liquid the ceramic membrane. There the liquid causes a deflection of the membrane because of the hydrostatic pressure of the medium. At the maximum deflection the membrane contacts a robust ceramic carrier. Because of this, the membrane come through over pressure of e.g. 25-times of nominal load at a sensor with a pressure range of 0…100 mbar without damage.
The filling level proportional hydrostatic pressure signal of the ceramic membrane is measured by the integrated analogue electronic and converted in a output current signal of 4 to 20mA.
The measurement signal range is adjusted by factory in many standard measurement ranges. A factory provided adjustment by customer specification is also possible.
Optionally a temperature dependent resistor Pt100 in 3-wire-technic can be integrated in the sensor. By this temperature measurement resistor a temperature measurement of the filling medium with removing the lead resistance can be realized in parallel to the filling level measurement. When using a wall mounting connection housing a Pt100 transmitter that is adjusted by customer specification can be integrated.
Integrated over voltage protection components prevents the filling level sensor from destruction by atmospheric influences like e.g. thunderstrike.

Ausgang 4 bis 20 mA, 2-Draht
Ausgangssignal Strom 4…20mA 11 V bis 45 V DC
Ausgangssignal Strom 0…10V 14 V bis 30 V DC
Ex-Variante 12,5 V bis 25,2 V DC
Restwelligkeit ≤ 2 Vss
Verzögerungszeit Ausgang T90
Zulässige Füllguttemperatur -20°C bis +70°C
Max. Signalspannung 30V (Scheitelwert; gegen Erde)
Nennableitstoßstrom 2 500A (Welle 8/20µS)
Temperaturabweichung ≤ 0,15% / 10 K der Nennmessspanne
Kennlinienabweichung ≤ 0,1% / 0,25% der Nennmessspanne
Kalibrier-Abweichung ≤ 0,05% der Nennmessspanne
Langzeitdrift ≤ 0,15% / Jahr der Nennmessspanne
Speisespannungseinfluss ≤ 0,02% / 10V der Nennmessspanne
Auflösung Unendlich, da analoge Messelektronik
Membran Keramik Standard AL 96%
Abhängesensor Stahl 1.4404
Verschlussschraube Stahl 1.4404
Dichtungen FPM (Viton) / EPDM / Neopren
Anschlussgehäuse Polyacetal POM (Delrin), Stahl 1.4404
Tragkabel PE / PUR
Abhängesensor IP68
Verschlussschraube / Anschlussgehäuse IP67
Wandaufbaugehäuse IP65

Examples of supplied versions: expand / close

Hydrocont M W0S020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W0S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W0S020P011A Hydrocont M 00S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 00S020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 00S020P011A
Hydrocont M WSS020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WSS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WSS020P011A Hydrocont M 0SS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0SS020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0SS020P011A
Hydrocont M WUS020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WUS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WUS020P011A Hydrocont M 0US020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0US020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0US020P011A
Hydrocont M WWS020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WWS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WWS020P011A Hydrocont M 0WS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0WS020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0WS020P011A
Hydrocont M WTS020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WTS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WTS020P011A Hydrocont M 0TS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0TS020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0TS020P011A
Hydrocont M WGS020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WGS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WGS020P011A Hydrocont M 0GS020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0GS020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0GS020P011A
Hydrocont M W8S020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W8S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W8S020P011A Hydrocont M 08S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 08S020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 08S020P011A
Hydrocont M W9S020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W9S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W9S020P011A Hydrocont M 09S020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 09S020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 09S020P011A
Hydrocont M W0T020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W0T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W0T020P011A Hydrocont M 00T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 00T 020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 00T020P011A
Hydrocont M WST020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WST020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WST020P011A Hydrocont M 0ST020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0ST020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0ST020P011A
Hydrocont M WUT020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WUT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WUT020P011A Hydrocont M 0UT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0UT020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0UT020P011A
Hydrocont M WWT020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WWT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WWT020P011A Hydrocont M 0WT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0WT020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0WT020P011A
Hydrocont M WTT020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WTT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WTT020P011A Hydrocont M 0TT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0TT020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0TT020P011A
Hydrocont M WGT020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WGT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WGT020P011A Hydrocont M 0GT020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0GT020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0GT020P011A
Hydrocont M W8T020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W8T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W8T020P011A Hydrocont M 08T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 08T020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 08T020P011A
Hydrocont M W9T020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W9T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W9T020P011A Hydrocont M 09T020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 09T020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 09T020P011A
Hydrocont M W0R020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W0R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W0R020P011A Hydrocont M 00R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 00R020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 00R020P011A
Hydrocont M WSR020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WSR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WSR020P011A Hydrocont M 0SR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0SR020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0SR020P011A
Hydrocont M WUR020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WUR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WUR020P011A Hydrocont M 0UR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0UR020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0UR020P011A
Hydrocont M WWR020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WWR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WWR020P011A Hydrocont M 0WR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0WR020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0WR020P011A
Hydrocont M WTR020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WTR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WTR020P011A Hydrocont M 0TR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0TR020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0TR020P011A
Hydrocont M WGR020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M WGR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M WGR020P011A Hydrocont M 0GR020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 0GR020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 0GR020P011A
Hydrocont M W8R020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W8R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W8R020P011A Hydrocont M 08R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 08R020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 08R020P011A
Hydrocont M W9R020P011A Hydrocont Ex0M W9R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex1M W9R020P011A Hydrocont M 09R020P011A
Hydrocont Ex0M 09R020P011A Hydrocont Ex1M 09R020P011A