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Hydrostatic fill level sensors

Radarcont RU4SR

Radarcont RU4SR

Radarcont RU4SR

Made in Germany


The radar sensor RADARCONT RU4SR is an electronic radar distance sensor for continuous measurement of levels in liquid media. The RADARCONT RU4SR uses a pulsed FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar and detects the distance to stationary objects without contact.

The radar sensor periodically emits a radar signal with a linear ascending and descending frequency. The rate of change of frequency over time is constant. Objects in the detection range reflect the emitted signal. The distance to the object is determined by the delay shift and the deviating frequency of the reflected signal.
The radar sensor RADARCONT RU4SR is suitable for applications in almost all industrial areas, optimal for use in tanks up to 10 m.
The narrow opening angle reduces interference from foreign objects or fixtures in particular.

It is recommended for applications in which optical or ultrasonic sensors are unsuitable due to interfering factors such as temperature, gas or vapor stratification, positive or negative pressure or vacuum, dust, wind or incidence of light.

Depending on the type of application, radar technology allows:

– Measurement of liquids, even with gas stratification (e.g. ammonia) or foam formation
– Measurement of bulk materials (from a DK value of 4)
– Measurement through the container wall, e.g. IPC container or through protective window, e.g. PTFE or PP

When level measurements with ultrasound reach their limits, our RADARCONT is the right sensor. Our 122 GHz radar sensor has a very good signal focus and is insensitive to contamination and temperature fluctuations.

Sensortyp FMCW-Radar, gepulst
Frequenzbereich 122 – 123GHz
Messbereich ≤ 0,3 bis ≥ 10m (FSI)
Auflösung ≤ 1mm
Öffnungswinkel [04-9]: 10° / [04-8]: 8° / [04-5]: 8°
Pulsrate ≥ 10Hz / ≤ 100ms
Ausgangssignal RS485 Modbus-RTU, IO-Link, Strom 4-20mA, Schalter PP
Betriebsspannung 6/9 bis 35V DC
Wiederholgenauigkeit ≤ ±2mm
Prozessanschluss Gewinde ISO 228-1: G 1“, G ¾“, G ½“
Umgebungstemperatur -40°C bis +85°C (-40°F bis 185°F)
Schutzart IP69K/IP67 (EN/IEC 60529)

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Radarcont RU4 SRS5VS Radarcont RU4 SRS9LS
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