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Humidity and Temperature

FT61 Humidity and temperature measuring device

FT61Humidity and temperature measuring device

Humidity and temperature measuring device

The device FT61 is suitable for humidity and temperature measurement with non-aggressive gaseous media. The use of the device for aggressive media must be discussed with the manufacturer, as media-compatible materials must be used for the sensor design. Areas of application are humidity and temperature measurement. The measuring device consists of a sensor and a display unit. The data measured at the sensor is transmitted to the display unit via I²C bus. There, the data is converted into two analogue output signals by the microprocessor-controlled electronics. The standard signals 0/4...20 mA and 0...10V are available for the analogue outputs. Two additional switching outputs are optionally available.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
FT61W000200N0000 FT61W000200N0C00 FT61W000200N0D00
FT61W000200NA000 FT61W000200NAC00 FT61W000200NAD00
FT61W000200NP000 FT61W000200NPC00 FT61W000200NPD00
FT61W000200NC000 FT61W000200NCC00 FT61W000200NCD00
FT61W00020AN0000 FT61W00020AN0C00 FT61W00020AN0D00
FT61W00020ANA000 FT61W00020ANAC00 FT61W00020ANAD00
FT61W00020ANP000 FT61W00020ANPC00 FT61W00020ANPD00
FT61W00020ANC000 FT61W00020ANCC00 FT61W00020ANCD00
FT61W00020PN0000 FT61W00020PN0C00 FT61W00020PN0D00
FT61W00020PNA000 FT61W00020PNAC00 FT61W00020PNAD00
FT61W00020PNP000 FT61W00020PNPC00 FT61W00020PNPD00
FT61W00020PNC000 FT61W00020PNCC00 FT61W00020PNCD00
FT61W00020CN0000 FT61W00020CN0C00 FT61W00020CN0D00
FT61W00020CNA000 FT61W00020CNAC00 FT61W00020CNAD00
FT61W00020CNP000 FT61W00020CNPC00 FT61W00020CNPD00
FT61W00020CNC000 FT61W00020CNCC00 FT61W00020CNCD00