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Humidity and Temperature

TE01 Digital thermometer

TE01Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer

The digital thermometer TE01 is characterised by accuracy, reliability and mechanical resilience. It can be used almost anywhere as an on-site display with remote signal transmission. Various measuring ranges are possible within the limits of -50 to +300°C. The thermometers in this series are suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks in the fields of: Process engineering, process technology, environmental technology, mechanical and plant engineering. The high resistance of the stainless steel (1.4571) enables use in almost all aggressive media. A Pt100 sensor is used as the temperature sensor. The resistance value of the Pt100 sensor changes depending on the temperature. Pt100 sensor is converted and displayed by the built-in electronics. A standardised electrical signal 0...10 VDC, 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA in three-wire technology is available for remote transmission.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
TE0110102AHL TE0110102PHL TE0110102CHL
TE0110202AHL TE0110202PHL TE0110202CHL
TE0110502AHL TE0110502PHL TE0110502CHL
TE0110802AHL TE0110802PHL TE0110802CHL
TE0120102AHL TE0120102PHL TE0120102CHL
TE0120202AHL TE0120202PHL TE0120202CHL
TE0120502AHL TE0120502PHL TE0120502CHL
TE0120802AHL TE0120802PHL TE0120802CHL
TE0130102AHL TE0130102PHL TE0130102CHL
TE0130202AHL TE0130202PHL TE0130202CHL
TE0130502AHL TE0130502PHL TE0130502CHL
TE0130802AHL TE0130802PHL TE0130802CHL
TE0140102AHL TE0140102PHL TE0140102CHL
TE0140202AHL TE0140202PHL TE0140202CHL
TE0140502AHL TE0140502PHL TE0140502CHL
TE0140802AHL TE0140802PHL TE0140802CHL
TE0150102AHL TE0150102PHL TE0150102CHL
TE0150202AHL TE0150202PHL TE0150202CHL
TE0150502AHL TE0150502PHL TE0150502CHL
TE0150802AHL TE0150802PHL TE0150802CHL
TE0160102AHL TE0160102PHL TE0160102CHL
TE0160202AHL TE0160202PHL TE0160202CHL
TE0160502AHL TE0160502PHL TE0160502CHL
TE0160802AHL TE0160802PHL TE0160802CHL
TE0170102AHL TE0170102PHL TE0170102CHL
TE0170202AHL TE0170202PHL TE0170202CHL
TE0170502AHL TE0170502PHL TE0170502CHL
TE0170802AHL TE0170802PHL TE0170802CHL