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Humidity and Temperature

TE41 Digital Temperature Transmitter

TE41Digital Temperature Transmitter

Digital Temperature Transmitter

The TE41 is the latest generation 4-20 mA output digital head transmitter for temperature measurement of fluids and gases. It accepts an input signal from thermocouples (TC), resistance thermometers (RTD), resistance transmitters and voltage transmitters. It is easily installed in any industry-standard terminal head (form B, BUS, BUSH, S79, BBK). The TE41 is programmed for a particular application with the help of a programming kit and a PC. This can be done either before installation (off-line) or after installation (on-line). It can also be factory programmed, prior to delivery, per user requirements. The configuration settings are stored in the transmitter’s non-volatile memory (EEPROM). The TZ41 Programming Kit consists of a PC software package, a communication adaptor unit, and a PC connection cable. The communication adaptor electrically isolates the transmitter from the PC. Bi-directional data communication allows the TE41’s configuration details and tag number to be called from the PC, using the programming kit.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
TE41011111 TE41011112 TE41011121
TE41011122 TE41011131 TE41011132
TE41011141 TE41011142 TE41011181
TE41011182 TE41012111 TE41012112
TE41012121 TE41012122 TE41012131
TE41012132 TE41012141 TE41012142
TE41012181 TE41012182 TE41013111
TE41013112 TE41013121 TE41013122
TE41013131 TE41013132 TE41013141
TE41013142 TE41013181 TE41013182
TE41014111 TE41014112 TE41014121
TE41014122 TE41014131 TE41014132
TE41014141 TE41014142 TE41014181
TE41014182 TE41015111 TE41015112
TE41015121 TE41015122 TE41015131
TE41015132 TE41015141 TE41015142
TE41015181 TE41015182 TE41016111
TE41016112 TE41016121 TE41016122
TE41016131 TE41016132 TE41016141
TE41016142 TE41016181 TE41016182
TE41017111 TE41017112 TE41017121
TE41017122 TE41017131 TE41017132
TE41017141 TE41017142 TE41017181
TE41017182 TE41018111 TE41018112
TE41018121 TE41018122 TE41018131
TE41018132 TE41018141 TE41018142
TE41018181 TE41018182 TE4101B111
TE4101B112 TE4101B121 TE4101B122
TE4101B131 TE4101B132 TE4101B141
TE4101B142 TE4101B181 TE4101B182
TE4101C111 TE4101C112 TE4101C121
TE4101C122 TE4101C131 TE4101C132
TE4101C141 TE4101C142 TE4101C181
TE4101C182 TE4101D111 TE4101D112
TE4101D121 TE4101D122 TE4101D131
TE4101D132 TE4101D141 TE4101D142
TE4101D181 TE4101D182 TE4101E111
TE4101E112 TE4101E121 TE4101E122
TE4101E131 TE4101E132 TE4101E141
TE4101E142 TE4101E181 TE4101E182
TE4101J111 TE4101J112 TE4101J121
TE4101J122 TE4101J131 TE4101J132
TE4101J141 TE4101J142 TE4101J181
TE4101J182 TE4101K111 TE4101K112
TE4101K121 TE4101K122 TE4101K131
TE4101K132 TE4101K141 TE4101K142
TE4101K181 TE4101K182 TE4101L111
TE4101L112 TE4101L121 TE4101L122
TE4101L131 TE4101L132 TE4101L141
TE4101L142 TE4101L181 TE4101L182
TE4101N111 TE4101N112 TE4101N121
TE4101N122 TE4101N131 TE4101N132
TE4101N141 TE4101N142 TE4101N181
TE4101N182 TE4101R111 TE4101R112
TE4101R121 TE4101R122 TE4101R131
TE4101R132 TE4101R141 TE4101R142
TE4101R181 TE4101R182 TE4101S111
TE4101S112 TE4101S121 TE4101S122
TE4101S131 TE4101S132 TE4101S141
TE4101S142 TE4101S181 TE4101S182
TE4101T111 TE4101T112 TE4101T121
TE4101T122 TE4101T131 TE4101T132
TE4101T141 TE4101T142 TE4101T181
TE4101T182 TE4101U111 TE4101U112
TE4101U121 TE4101U122 TE4101U131
TE4101U132 TE4101U141 TE4101U142
TE4101U181 TE4101U182 TE41111111
TE41111112 TE41111121 TE41111122
TE41111131 TE41111132 TE41111141
TE41111142 TE41111181 TE41111182
TE41112111 TE41112112 TE41112121
TE41112122 TE41112131 TE41112132
TE41112141 TE41112142 TE41112181
TE41112182 TE41113111 TE41113112
TE41113121 TE41113122 TE41113131
TE41113132 TE41113141 TE41113142
TE41113181 TE41113182 TE41114111
TE41114112 TE41114121 TE41114122
TE41114131 TE41114132 TE41114141
TE41114142 TE41114181 TE41114182
TE41115111 TE41115112 TE41115121
TE41115122 TE41115131 TE41115132
TE41115141 TE41115142 TE41115181
TE41115182 TE41116111 TE41116112
TE41116121 TE41116122 TE41116131
TE41116132 TE41116141 TE41116142
TE41116181 TE41116182 TE41117111
TE41117112 TE41117121 TE41117122
TE41117131 TE41117132 TE41117141
TE41117142 TE41117181 TE41117182
TE41118111 TE41118112 TE41118121
TE41118122 TE41118131 TE41118132
TE41118141 TE41118142 TE41118181
TE41118182 TE4111B111 TE4111B112
TE4111B121 TE4111B122 TE4111B131
TE4111B132 TE4111B141 TE4111B142
TE4111B181 TE4111B182 TE4111C111
TE4111C112 TE4111C121 TE4111C122
TE4111C131 TE4111C132 TE4111C141
TE4111C142 TE4111C181 TE4111C182
TE4111D111 TE4111D112 TE4111D121
TE4111D122 TE4111D131 TE4111D132
TE4111D141 TE4111D142 TE4111D181
TE4111D182 TE4111E111 TE4111E112
TE4111E121 TE4111E122 TE4111E131
TE4111E132 TE4111E141 TE4111E142
TE4111E181 TE4111E182 TE4111J111
TE4111J112 TE4111J121 TE4111J122
TE4111J131 TE4111J132 TE4111J141
TE4111J142 TE4111J181 TE4111J182
TE4111K111 TE4111K112 TE4111K121
TE4111K122 TE4111K131 TE4111K132
TE4111K141 TE4111K142 TE4111K181
TE4111K182 TE4111L111 TE4111L112
TE4111L121 TE4111L122 TE4111L131
TE4111L132 TE4111L141 TE4111L142
TE4111L181 TE4111L182 TE4111N111
TE4111N112 TE4111N121 TE4111N122
TE4111N131 TE4111N132 TE4111N141
TE4111N142 TE4111N181 TE4111N182
TE4111R111 TE4111R112 TE4111R121
TE4111R122 TE4111R131 TE4111R132
TE4111R141 TE4111R142 TE4111R181
TE4111R182 TE4111S111 TE4111S112
TE4111S121 TE4111S122 TE4111S131
TE4111S132 TE4111S141 TE4111S142
TE4111S181 TE4111S182 TE4111T111
TE4111T112 TE4111T121 TE4111T122
TE4111T131 TE4111T132 TE4111T141
TE4111T142 TE4111T181 TE4111T182
TE4111U111 TE4111U112 TE4111U121
TE4111U122 TE4111U131 TE4111U132
TE4111U141 TE4111U142 TE4111U181
TE4111U182 TE4101000009 TE4111000009