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Humidity and Temperature

TW27, TW30, TW31, TW32, TW35, TW36, TW40, TW45, TW46, TW50, TW55, TW56 Resistance thermometer

TW27, TW30, TW31, TW32, TW35, TW36, TW40, TW45, TW46, TW50, TW55, TW56Resistance thermometer

TW27, TW30, TW31, TW32, TW35, TW36, TW40, TW45, TW46, TW50, TW55, TW56
Resistance thermometer

The principle of operation of thermal resistance transducers TW27, TW30, TW31, TW32, TW35, TW36, TW40, TW45, TW46, TW50, TW55, TW56 is based on the method of change of electrical resistance in metals, according to which, the electrical resistance of the element increases with increasing ambient temperature and vice versa.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
TW27A130K0 TW27A130L0 TW27A230K0
TW27A230L0 TW27A330K0 TW27A330L0
TW27A430K0 TW27A430L0 TW27A530K0
TW27A530L0 TW27B130K0 TW27B130L0
TW27B230K0 TW27B230L0 TW27B330K0
TW27B330L0 TW27B430K0 TW27B430L0
TW27B530K0 TW27B530L0 TW27C130K0
TW27C130L0 TW27C230K0 TW27C230L0
TW27C330K0 TW27C330L0 TW27C430K0
TW27C430L0 TW27C530K0 TW27C530L0
TW27D130K0 TW27D130L0 TW27D230K0
TW27D230L0 TW27D330K0 TW27D330L0
TW27D430K0 TW27D430L0 TW27D530K0
TW27D530L0 TW27E130K0 TW27E130L0
TW27E230K0 TW27E230L0 TW27E330K0
TW27E330L0 TW27E430K0 TW27E430L0
TW27E530K0 TW27E530L0 TW30A130K0
TW30A130L0 TW30A230K0 TW30A230L0
TW30A330K0 TW30A330L0 TW30A430K0
TW30A430L0 TW30A530K0 TW30A530L0
TW30B130K0 TW30B130L0 TW30B230K0
TW30B230L0 TW30B330K0 TW30B330L0
TW30B430K0 TW30B430L0 TW30B530K0
TW30B530L0 TW30C130K0 TW30C130L0
TW30C230K0 TW30C230L0 TW30C330K0
TW30C330L0 TW30C430K0 TW30C430L0
TW30C530K0 TW30C530L0 TW30D130K0
TW30D130L0 TW30D230K0 TW30D230L0
TW30D330K0 TW30D330L0 TW30D430K0
TW30D430L0 TW30D530K0 TW30D530L0
TW30E130K0 TW30E130L0 TW30E230K0
TW30E230L0 TW30E330K0 TW30E330L0
TW30E430K0 TW30E430L0 TW30E530K0
TW30E530L0 TW31A130K0 TW31A130L0
TW31A230K0 TW31A230L0 TW31A330K0
TW31A330L0 TW31A430K0 TW31A430L0
TW31A530K0 TW31A530L0 TW31B130K0
TW31B130L0 TW31B230K0 TW31B230L0
TW31B330K0 TW31B330L0 TW31B430K0
TW31B430L0 TW31B530K0 TW31B530L0
TW31C130K0 TW31C130L0 TW31C230K0
TW31C230L0 TW31C330K0 TW31C330L0
TW31C430K0 TW31C430L0 TW31C530K0
TW31C530L0 TW31D130K0 TW31D130L0
TW31D230K0 TW31D230L0 TW31D330K0
TW31D330L0 TW31D430K0 TW31D430L0
TW31D530K0 TW31D530L0 TW31E130K0
TW31E130L0 TW31E230K0 TW31E230L0
TW31E330K0 TW31E330L0 TW31E430K0
TW31E430L0 TW31E530K0 TW31E530L0
TW32A130K0 TW32A130L0 TW32A230K0
TW32A230L0 TW32A330K0 TW32A330L0
TW32A430K0 TW32A430L0 TW32A530K0
TW32A530L0 TW32B130K0 TW32B130L0
TW32B230K0 TW32B230L0 TW32B330K0
TW32B330L0 TW32B430K0 TW32B430L0
TW32B530K0 TW32B530L0 TW32C130K0
TW32C130L0 TW32C230K0 TW32C230L0
TW32C330K0 TW32C330L0 TW32C430K0
TW32C430L0 TW32C530K0 TW32C530L0
TW32D130K0 TW32D130L0 TW32D230K0
TW32D230L0 TW32D330K0 TW32D330L0
TW32D430K0 TW32D430L0 TW32D530K0
TW32D530L0 TW32E130K0 TW32E130L0
TW32E230K0 TW32E230L0 TW32E330K0
TW32E330L0 TW32E430K0 TW32E430L0
TW32E530K0 TW32E530L0 TW35A130K0
TW35A130L0 TW35A230K0 TW35A230L0
TW35A330K0 TW35A330L0 TW35A430K0
TW35A430L0 TW35A530K0 TW35A530L0
TW35B130K0 TW35B130L0 TW35B230K0
TW35B230L0 TW35B330K0 TW35B330L0
TW35B430K0 TW35B430L0 TW35B530K0
TW35B530L0 TW35C130K0 TW35C130L0
TW35C230K0 TW35C230L0 TW35C330K0
TW35C330L0 TW35C430K0 TW35C430L0
TW35C530K0 TW35C530L0 TW35D130K0
TW35D130L0 TW35D230K0 TW35D230L0
TW35D330K0 TW35D330L0 TW35D430K0
TW35D430L0 TW35D530K0 TW35D530L0
TW35E130K0 TW35E130L0 TW35E230K0
TW35E230L0 TW35E330K0 TW35E330L0
TW35E430K0 TW35E430L0 TW35E530K0
TW35E530L0 TW36A130K0 TW36A130L0
TW36A230K0 TW36A230L0 TW36A330K0
TW36A330L0 TW36A430K0 TW36A430L0
TW36A530K0 TW36A530L0 TW36B130K0
TW36B130L0 TW36B230K0 TW36B230L0
TW36B330K0 TW36B330L0 TW36B430K0
TW36B430L0 TW36B530K0 TW36B530L0
TW36C130K0 TW36C130L0 TW36C230K0
TW36C230L0 TW36C330K0 TW36C330L0
TW36C430K0 TW36C430L0 TW36C530K0
TW36C530L0 TW36D130K0 TW36D130L0
TW36D230K0 TW36D230L0 TW36D330K0
TW36D330L0 TW36D430K0 TW36D430L0
TW36D530K0 TW36D530L0 TW36E130K0
TW36E130L0 TW36E230K0 TW36E230L0
TW36E330K0 TW36E330L0 TW36E430K0
TW36E430L0 TW36E530K0 TW36E530L0
TW40A130K0 TW40A130L0 TW40A230K0
TW40A230L0 TW40A330K0 TW40A330L0
TW40A430K0 TW40A430L0 TW40A530K0
TW40A530L0 TW40B130K0 TW40B130L0
TW40B230K0 TW40B230L0 TW40B330K0
TW40B330L0 TW40B430K0 TW40B430L0
TW40B530K0 TW40B530L0 TW40C130K0
TW40C130L0 TW40C230K0 TW40C230L0
TW40C330K0 TW40C330L0 TW40C430K0
TW40C430L0 TW40C530K0 TW40C530L0
TW40D130K0 TW40D130L0 TW40D230K0
TW40D230L0 TW40D330K0 TW40D330L0
TW40D430K0 TW40D430L0 TW40D530K0
TW40D530L0 TW40E130K0 TW40E130L0
TW40E230K0 TW40E230L0 TW40E330K0
TW40E330L0 TW40E430K0 TW40E430L0
TW40E530K0 TW40E530L0 TW45A130K0
TW45A130L0 TW45A230K0 TW45A230L0
TW45A330K0 TW45A330L0 TW45A430K0
TW45A430L0 TW45A530K0 TW45A530L0
TW45B130K0 TW45B130L0 TW45B230K0
TW45B230L0 TW45B330K0 TW45B330L0
TW45B430K0 TW45B430L0 TW45B530K0
TW45B530L0 TW45C130K0 TW45C130L0
TW45C230K0 TW45C230L0 TW45C330K0
TW45C330L0 TW45C430K0 TW45C430L0
TW45C530K0 TW45C530L0 TW45D130K0
TW45D130L0 TW45D230K0 TW45D230L0
TW45D330K0 TW45D330L0 TW45D430K0
TW45D430L0 TW45D530K0 TW45D530L0
TW45E130K0 TW45E130L0 TW45E230K0
TW45E230L0 TW45E330K0 TW45E330L0
TW45E430K0 TW45E430L0 TW45E530K0
TW45E530L0 TW46A130K0 TW46A130L0
TW46A230K0 TW46A230L0 TW46A330K0
TW46A330L0 TW46A430K0 TW46A430L0
TW46A530K0 TW46A530L0 TW46B130K0
TW46B130L0 TW46B230K0 TW46B230L0
TW46B330K0 TW46B330L0 TW46B430K0
TW46B430L0 TW46B530K0 TW46B530L0
TW46C130K0 TW46C130L0 TW46C230K0
TW46C230L0 TW46C330K0 TW46C330L0
TW46C430K0 TW46C430L0 TW46C530K0
TW46C530L0 TW46D130K0 TW46D130L0
TW46D230K0 TW46D230L0 TW46D330K0
TW46D330L0 TW46D430K0 TW46D430L0
TW46D530K0 TW46D530L0 TW46E130K0
TW46E130L0 TW46E230K0 TW46E230L0
TW46E330K0 TW46E330L0 TW46E430K0
TW46E430L0 TW46E530K0 TW46E530L0
TW50A130K0 TW50A130L0 TW50A230K0
TW50A230L0 TW50A330K0 TW50A330L0
TW50A430K0 TW50A430L0 TW50A530K0
TW50A530L0 TW50B130K0 TW50B130L0
TW50B230K0 TW50B230L0 TW50B330K0
TW50B330L0 TW50B430K0 TW50B430L0
TW50B530K0 TW50B530L0 TW50C130K0
TW50C130L0 TW50C230K0 TW50C230L0
TW50C330K0 TW50C330L0 TW50C430K0
TW50C430L0 TW50C530K0 TW50C530L0
TW50D130K0 TW50D130L0 TW50D230K0
TW50D230L0 TW50D330K0 TW50D330L0
TW50D430K0 TW50D430L0 TW50D530K0
TW50D530L0 TW50E130K0 TW50E130L0
TW50E230K0 TW50E230L0 TW50E330K0
TW50E330L0 TW50E430K0 TW50E430L0
TW50E530K0 TW50E530L0 TW55A130K0
TW55A130L0 TW55A230K0 TW55A230L0
TW55A330K0 TW55A330L0 TW55A430K0
TW55A430L0 TW55A530K0 TW55A530L0
TW55B130K0 TW55B130L0 TW55B230K0
TW55B230L0 TW55B330K0 TW55B330L0
TW55B430K0 TW55B430L0 TW55B530K0
TW55B530L0 TW55C130K0 TW55C130L0
TW55C230K0 TW55C230L0 TW55C330K0
TW55C330L0 TW55C430K0 TW55C430L0
TW55C530K0 TW55C530L0 TW55D130K0
TW55D130L0 TW55D230K0 TW55D230L0
TW55D330K0 TW55D330L0 TW55D430K0
TW55D430L0 TW55D530K0 TW55D530L0
TW55E130K0 TW55E130L0 TW55E230K0
TW55E230L0 TW55E330K0 TW55E330L0
TW55E430K0 TW55E430L0 TW55E530K0
TW55E530L0 TW56A130K0 TW56A130L0
TW56A230K0 TW56A230L0 TW56A330K0
TW56A330L0 TW56A430K0 TW56A430L0
TW56A530K0 TW56A530L0 TW56B130K0
TW56B130L0 TW56B230K0 TW56B230L0
TW56B330K0 TW56B330L0 TW56B430K0
TW56B430L0 TW56B530K0 TW56B530L0
TW56C130K0 TW56C130L0 TW56C230K0
TW56C230L0 TW56C330K0 TW56C330L0
TW56C430K0 TW56C430L0 TW56C530K0
TW56C530L0 TW56D130K0 TW56D130L0
TW56D230K0 TW56D230L0 TW56D330K0
TW56D330L0 TW56D430K0 TW56D430L0
TW56D530K0 TW56D530L0 TW56E130K0
TW56E130L0 TW56E230K0 TW56E230L0
TW56E330K0 TW56E330L0 TW56E430K0
TW56E430L0 TW56E530K0 TW56E530L0