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Level measurement and control

ER76 Control relay for level probe

ER76Control relay for level probe

Control relay for level probe

ER76 is controlled by the medium using a type NK06 probe. Input sensitivity is factory-adjusted to 70 kΩ. In order for the relay to switch properly, the mediumconductivity must not fall below a value of 14 μS / cm. When contact is made, an alternating voltage without a direct voltage component flows through the medium, preventing galvanic erosion of the probe material. Depending on the application, location or national regulations, the control electrodes reference potential can be represented by a common electrode as well as by the container itself. After the level probe has been installed and the control relay has been electrically connected, the contact switches to the working position. LED is on. If the maximum level is reached, the output relay switches to the rest position. LED is off. This state remains until the level falls below the minimum level and the contact switches to the working position again. If the supply voltage fails, there is a defect in the control circuit or an interruption in the measuring line, the system goes into the safe state (normally closed contact) and thus prevents the container from being overfilled.

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ER7610000001 ER7610000004 ER7620000001
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