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Level measurement and control

NC57 Capacitive filling level probe

NC57Capacitive filling level probe

Capacitive filling level probe

The capacitive filling level probe NC57 serves to measure tank filling levels in tanks containing fresh water, waste water or faeces. Filling level heights of between 400 and 2000 mm can be measured. The probe can be used for tanks made of metal. The tank wall and special rod form the electrodes of the measuring equipment. A condition for the flawless function of the probe is a special probe mounted in parallel to the tank wall. In the case of installation lengths > 700 mm, the rod must be supported by insulated circlips at intervals of 700 mm respectively. The housing is connected to the signal earth, and an AC voltage signal is applied to the special rod. If dipped into a fluid, this arrangement becomes a capacitor and the fluid acts as a dielectric. The capacity values of this capacitor are proportional to the filling height of the tank. Electronics integrated into the device convert these capacity changes into an analogue output signal (current or voltage).

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
NC573D0400AE0000 NC573D0400AF0000 NC573D0400PE0000
NC573D0400PF0000 NC573D0400CE0000 NC573D0400CF0000
NC573D0400ZE0000 NC573D0400ZF0000 NC573D0400UE0000
NC573D0400UF0000 NC573D0400DE0000 NC573D0400DF0000
NC573D2000AE0000 NC573D2000AF0000 NC573D2000PE0000
NC573D2000PF0000 NC573D2000CE0000 NC573D2000CF0000
NC573D2000ZE0000 NC573D2000ZF0000 NC573D2000UE0000
NC573D2000UF0000 NC573D2000DE0000 NC573D2000DF0000
NC573F0400AE0000 NC573F0400AF0000 NC573F0400PE0000
NC573F0400PF0000 NC573F0400CE0000 NC573F0400CF0000
NC573F0400ZE0000 NC573F0400ZF0000 NC573F0400UE0000
NC573F0400UF0000 NC573F0400DE0000 NC573F0400DF0000
NC573F2000AE0000 NC573F2000AF0000 NC573F2000PE0000
NC573F2000PF0000 NC573F2000CE0000 NC573F2000CF0000
NC573F2000ZE0000 NC573F2000ZF0000 NC573F2000UE0000
NC573F2000UF0000 NC573F2000DE0000 NC573F2000DF0000
NC574D0400AE0000 NC574D0400AF0000 NC574D0400PE0000
NC574D0400PF0000 NC574D0400CE0000 NC574D0400CF0000
NC574D0400ZE0000 NC574D0400ZF0000 NC574D0400UE0000
NC574D0400UF0000 NC574D0400DE0000 NC574D0400DF0000
NC574D2000AE0000 NC574D2000AF0000 NC574D2000PE0000
NC574D2000PF0000 NC574D2000CE0000 NC574D2000CF0000
NC574D2000ZE0000 NC574D2000ZF0000 NC574D2000UE0000
NC574D2000UF0000 NC574D2000DE0000 NC574D2000DF0000
NC574F0400AE0000 NC574F0400AF0000 NC574F0400PE0000
NC574F0400PF0000 NC574F0400CE0000 NC574F0400CF0000
NC574F0400ZE0000 NC574F0400ZF0000 NC574F0400UE0000
NC574F0400UF0000 NC574F0400DE0000 NC574F0400DF0000
NC574F2000AE0000 NC574F2000AF0000 NC574F2000PE0000
NC574F2000PF0000 NC574F2000CE0000 NC574F2000CF0000
NC574F2000ZE0000 NC574F2000ZF0000 NC574F2000UE0000
NC574F2000UF0000 NC574F2000DE0000 NC574F2000DF0000