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Tachogenerators and resolvers Baumer

Tachogenerators GT 7

Tachogenerators GT 7

GT 7

Temperature compensation of tacho voltage as standard. Open circuit voltage 10...60 mV per rpm. Blind hollow shaft ø12...16 mm. High signal quality due to patented LongLife technology. Low moment of inertia. No auxiliary energy source required.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
GT7.08 L/410 12H7 Kab 0,2 GT7.08 L/410 14H7
GT7.08 L/410 14H7 GT7.08 L/410 14H7 KAB 0,6
GT7.08 L/410 15H7 Kab 0.6 GT7.08 L/410 15H7 ST-RAD
GT7.08 L/410 16H7 GT7.08 L/410 16H7 KAB 0,3
GT7.08 L/415 9H7 GT7.08 L/420 10H7
GT7.08 L/420 10H7 Kab 0,6 GT7.08 L/420 12H7
GT7.08 L/420 12H7 Kab 0,6 GT7.08 L/420 14H7
GT7.08 L/420 14H7 KAB 0,6 GT7.08 L/420 14H7 PF Kab 0,3
GT7.08 L/420 15H7 Kab 0.6 GT7.08 L/420 15H7 ST-RAD
GT7.08 L/420 16H7 GT7.08 L/420 16H7 KAB 0,3
GT7.08 L/420 16H7 KAB 0,6 GT7.08 L/430 12H7
GT7.08 L/430 14H7 GT7.08 L/430 15H7 Kab 0.6
GT7.08 L/430 15H7 ST-RAD GT7.08 L/430 16H7
GT7.08 L/430 16H7 KAB 0,3 GT7.16 L/420 Z 16H7 Kab 0,6
GT7.16 L/440 14H7 GT7.16 L/440 14H7 Kab 0,6
GT7.16 L/440 15H7 GT7.16 L/440 16H7
GT7.16 L/440 16H7 KAB 0,6 GT7.16 L/460 12H7 Kab 0,6
GT7.16 L/460 14H7 Kab 0,6 GT7.16 L/460 15H7
GT7.16 L/460 15H7 Kab 0,6 GT7.16 L/460 16H7
GT7.16 L/460 16H7 KAB 0,6 GT7.16L/460 14H7