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Tachogenerators and resolvers Baumer

Tachogenerators GT 9 GTR 9

Tachogenerators GT 9 GTR 9

GT 9

Low response time. Open circuit voltage 10...20 mV per rpm. Blind hollow shaft ø12...16 mm or cone shaft ø17 mm (1:10). High signal quality due to patented LongLife technology. No auxiliary energy source required.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
GT9.06 A-V D16 M SP U PF 10V GT9.06 L/406 6mA 16H7 IP44
GT9.06 L/410 12H7 IP44 GT9.06 L/410 14H7 IP44
GT9.06 L/410 16H7 SP U PF GT9.06 L/420 10H7 PF3x3
GT9.06 L/420 12H7 GT9.06 L/420 12H7 IP44
GT9.06 L/420 14H7 00 SP GT9.06 L/420 14H7 IP44
GT9.06 L/420 16H7 GT9.06 L/420 16H7 SP U PF
GT9.06 L/420 2% 16H7 IP44 GT9.06 L/420K 17K1:10
GT9.06 L/420K 17K1:10 AB-HAUBE GT9.06/420 00 16H7 M SP U PF
GTR9.16 L/410 16H7 GTR9.16 L/420 16H7
GTR9.16 L/430 16H7 GTR9.16 L/440 16H7
GTR9.16 L/440 16H7 + OG9 DN 4 I GTR9.16 L/440 16H7 FL130
GTR9.16 L/440 16H7 für B10 GTR9.16 L/450 16H7
GTR9.16 L/460 16H7 S7/H7 GTR9.16 L/460 16H7
GTR9.16 L/460 16H7 + FS90-3 GTR9.16 L/460 16H7 + OG9 DN 1000 I