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Tachogenerators and resolvers Baumer

Tachogenerators TDP 0,09

Tachogenerators  TDP 0,09

TDP 0,09

Low response time. Open circuit voltage 10...60 mV per rpm. Solid shaft ø6 mm with flange. Very high resistance to shock. High signal quality due to patented LongLife technology. Robust design.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
TDP0,09 LT-1 TDP0,09 LT-1 Rüttelfest
TDP0,09 LT-2 TDP0,09 LT-2 + FSL2
TDP0,09 LT-3 TDP0,09 LT-3 + FSL1
TDP0,09 LT-3 + FSL2 TDP0,09 LT-3 + FSL3
TDP0,09 LT-3 + FSL5 TDP0,09 LT-3 6x15 / 6x8
TDP0,09 LT-3 Rüttelfest TDP0,09 LT-7
TDP0,09 LT-8 TDP0,09 LT-8 + FSL2
TDP0,09 LT-9