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Tachogenerators and resolvers Baumer

Tachogenerators TDP 13 TDPZ 13

Tachogenerators TDP 13TDPZ 13

TDP 13

Low response time. Open circuit voltage 20...200 mV per rpm. Solid shaft ø14...18 mm with flange. High signal quality due to patented LongLife technology. With own bearings. No auxiliary energy source required.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F
TDP13.06 LT-10 B3 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-11 B5
TDP13.06 LT-12 B5KD 18x40 + FS90-1 FV TDP13.06 LT-12 B5KD 18X40 FV
TDP13.06 LT-15 B3 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-15 B5
TDP13.06 LT-16 B5KM/B14KM 2mA TDP13.06 LT-17 B10w 32K1:20 FV
TDP13.06 LT-17 B3/B5kd/B14 + FS90-3 FV TDP13.06 LT-17 B3/B5kd/B14 FV
TDP13.06 LT-17 B5K 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-2 B3 + POG10 DN 1024 I FV
TDP13.06 LT-2 B3/B14 + FS90-2 TDP13.06 LT-2 B3/B14 14k6x30/10k6x15
TDP13.06 LT-2 B3/B14 14x30/10x15 FV TDP13.06 LT-2 B3/B14+POG10DN1024 I+DSL.E
TDP13.06 LT-2 B5 TDP13.06 LT-2 B5/B14 14x30/10x15
TDP13.06 LT-2 B5K 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-2 B5K 14x30/10X15
TDP13.06 LT-2 B5K/B14 + FS90-2 TDP13.06 LT-2 B5K/B14 + FS90-3
TDP13.06 LT-2 B5KD 18x40 + FS90-3 FV TDP13.06 LT-2 B5KD 18X40/10X15 FV
TDP13.06 LT-2 B5km/B14km TDP13.06 LT-2 B5S 14x30
TDP13.06 LT-20 B5 TDP13.06 LT-3 B10 20K1:20/14X20
TDP13.06 LT-3 B10w 32K1:20 FV TDP13.06 LT-3 B3/B14 14k6x30/10k6x15
TDP13.06 LT-3 B5 TDP13.06 LT-3 B5/B14 14x30/10x15
TDP13.06 LT-3 B5S 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-4 B3 14x30
TDP13.06 LT-6 15.8x32/15.8x17 B5KM/B14 TDP13.06 LT-6 B10 20K1:20/16X20
TDP13.06 LT-6 B10w 32K1:20 TDP13.06 LT-6 B10w 32K1:20 FV
TDP13.06 LT-6 B10w 32K1:20/10x15 TDP13.06 LT-6 B3 14x30
TDP13.06 LT-6 B3 14x30 FV TDP13.06 LT-6 B3/B14 + FS90-3
TDP13.06 LT-6 B3/B14 14k6x30/10k6x15 TDP13.06 LT-6 B3/B5kd/B14 + FS90-4 FV
TDP13.06 LT-6 B3/B5kd/B14 FV TDP13.06 LT-6 B3/B5KM 15.875x32/15.87x17
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5 FV
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5/B14 14x30/10x15 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5K 14x30
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5K 14x30/10X15 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5KD 18x40 + FS90-5 FV
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5KD 18X40/10X15 FV TDP13.06 LT-6 B5kM + POG10 DN500 I +FSL3
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5km/B14+ FS90-6 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5km/B14km
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5S 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5s/B14 + POG9 DN 4 I
TDP13.06 LT-6 B5S/B14 14x30/10x15 TDP13.06 LT-6 B5s/B14+ FS90-3
TDP13.06 LT-9 B5 TDP13.06 LT-9 B5/B14 14x30/10x15
TDP13.06 LT-9 B5K 14x30 TDP13.06 LT-9 B5S 14x30
TDPH11.03 140 V TDPZ13.06 B3 LT-17
TDPZ13.06 LT-6 B10w 55 32K1:20 TDPZ13.06 LT-6 B10w 55 32K1:20/10X15
TDPZ13.06 LT-6 B5K 55 14X30 TDPZ13.06 LT-6 B5S 55 14X30