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Modular multi loop controller systems KS vario

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The modular KS vario multiloop controller system has been developed specifically for temperature treatment processes, whereby the basic version consists of a controller module and a field bus coupler. These two components already provide a fully operational control unit with 4, 6 or 8 loops. Simply by adding the required number of individual I/O modules, the system is expandable up to 30 control loops with minimum extra cost. Hereby, no more I/O modules are required than those needed for the actual number of inputs / outputs. Moreover, the KS vario can also be expanded with standard I/Os, which are then made available to the superordinate system (PLC/SCADA).

KS Vario

The individual modules of a KS vario system are simply plugged together without the need for tools – all interconnections are made automatically, and power is supplied via the bus coupler. The field bus coupler with integral power supply represents the heart of the system, and links the multiloop controller to all established field bus systems. Apart from ProfiNet and innovative Ethernet topologies, the coupler also supports classical field buses such as Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, and Modbus.

All conventional control modes including master/slave and valve motor control are selectable per channel. Two self-tuningoptions are available for determining the best control parameters: during start-up or at setpoint. Individual sampling rates starting at 100 ms are adjustable for each channel.

Several special functions such as controlled start-up for plasticsprocessing machines are standard features of the basic version. Comprehensive heating current monitoring functions with correction for mains voltage variations (per phase), and the direct connection of strain gauge pressure sensors are just two of many other features. BlueControl is a powerful engineering tool for controller and system configuration. It combines clear operating functions with visualization and monitoring. Moreover, the tool provides a simulation of the entire control loop with selectable process responses.

KS Vario
Name and purpose of KS Vario modules Order number
Communicator KS VARIO BK DP / V1 (PROFIBUS-DP) KSVC-101-00111-U00
Communicator KS VARIO BK CAN (CANopen) KSVC-101-00121-U00
Communicator KS VARIO BK ETH (Ethernet Modbus TCP / IP) KSVC-101-00131-U00
Communicator KS VARIO BK DN (DeviceNet) KSVC-101-00141-U00
Communicator KS VARIO BK MOD (Modbus) KSVC-101-00151-U00
Communicator KS VARIO BK PROFINET KSVC-101-00171-100
Communicator KS VARIO BK IP (Ethernet IP) KSVC-101-00181-U00
4-channel controller KS VARIO T4 / RTD KSVC-104-00331-U00
4-channel controller KS VARIO T4 / UTH KSVC-104-00431-U00
30 channel controller KS VARIO T6 / RTD KSVC-104-00341-U00
30 channel controller KS VARIO T8 / UTH KSVC-104-00441-U00
VARIO UTH 4-DO8 Analog Inputs and Digital Outputs KSVC-103-00431-U00
VARIO RTD 6-DO6 analog inputs and digital outputs KSVC-103-00341-U00
VARIO UTH 8-DO8 Analog Inputs and Digital Outputs KSVC-103-00441-U00
VARIO AI 2 / SF analog inputs KSVC-103-00121-U00
VARIO AI 8 / SF analog inputs KSVC-103-00141-U00
VARIO RTD 2 analog inputs KSVC-103-00321-U00
VARIO UTH 2 analog inputs KSVC-103-00421-U00
VARIO AO 1 / SF analog outputs KSVC-103-00211-U00
VARIO AO 2 / U / BP analog outputs KSVC-103-00221-U00
Digital inputs VARIO DI 2/24 KSVC-102-00121-U00
Digital inputs VARIO DI 4/24 KSVC-102-00131-U00
Digital inputs VARIO DI 8/24 KSVC-102-00141-U00
Digital inputs VARIO DI 16/24 KSVC-102-00151-U00
Digital outputs VARIO DO 2/24 KSVC-102-00221-U00
Digital outputs VARIO DO 4/24 KSVC-102-00231-U00
Digital outputs VARIO DO 8/24 KSVC-102-00241-U00
Digital outputs VARIO DO 16/24 KSVC-102-00251-U00
Relay outputs VARIO DO 1/230 KSVC-102-01211-U00
Relay outputs VARIO DO 4/230 KSVC-102-01231-U00
24V power supply / VARIO PWR IN / 24 input KSVC-105-00001-U00
24V power supply / VARIO PWR IN / R input KSVC-105-00011-U00
VARIO RM BK Repeater KSVC-101-00201-U00
VARIO RM TX splitter KSVC-101-00211-U00
VARIO CO2 / U2 analog outputs KSVC-103-02221-U00
KS Vario BT Monitor KSVC-111-02351-U00
KS Vario BT Monitor KSVC-111-02151-U00
KS Vario BT Monitor KSVC-111-02651-U00