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Single Loop Controllers KS 20-1 (PMA) Pro-16 (West)

Single Loop Controllers
KS 20-1 (PMA)
Pro-16 (West)

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UL сертификат
Made in GB

A compact, fully featured controller for demanding applications. Pro-16 and KS 20-1 are the only controller of its size, flexible with up to 6 outputs, 2 digital inputs, a remote setpoint input, RS485 communications* and linked to best in class Blue Control software.

The Pro-16 and KS 20-1 offers many integrated features for unrivalled performance such as two PID sets to ensure reliable control over a wide setpoint range and separate PID for heat and cool strategies for optimized control and stability. Extensive flexibility is offered with 1 universal inputs and 1 optional, up to 4 digital inputs, 6 outputs and an inbuilt profiler with 16 profiles x 16 segments. A highly visible display is offered with 1 line of 7 segment LED display and 1 line of text display.

  • Up to 16 profiles with x 16 segments with 4 event tracks
  • BluePort® Front interface and BlueControl software
  • Maintenance manager and error list
  • One universal input and one optional input
  • Up to 4 digital inputs
  • 2 PID set manually selectable
  • Self-Tuning at start-up and setpoint