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Temperature Process Indicator  Digital 280-1

Temperature Process Indicator
Digital 280-1

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UL сертификат Made in Germany

Full Part Number: D280-11☐-☐00☐☐-☐00

The PMA Digital 280-1 indicator ensures a fast reaction time with a scan rate of 100 ms cycle time. The instrument offers customer-specific linearization for all sensors (16 segments). The maximum and minimum values are always stored and may be displayed on the front for quick reference. In addition to an indicator the digital 280-1 can also be used as a signaller, on/off controller, two-point controller or a continuous controller.

  • Horizontal form factor. 48mm high x 96mm wide
  • BluePort® Front interface and BlueControl® Software
  • Maintenance manager and error list
  • 5-digit, 20mm big display
  • Limit signalling functions with hysteresis, discriminator time and rate of change monitor
  • ON/OFF-, 2-point- and continuous controller
  • Oxygen measurement with high-impedance input