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Absolute encoders Baumer

AMG Absolute encoders

AMGAbsolute encoders

Absolute encoders

Absolute encoders with Multiturn SSI / Profibus / CANopen / DeviceNet / PROFINET. Optical sensing method. Singleturn 13 bit, multiturn 12 bit / 16 bit. EURO flange B10 / solid shaft ø11 mm. Multiturn sensing with microGen technologie, without gear or battery. Available with redundant absolute signals. Special protection against corrosion.

Manufactured part numbers open, use the search ctrl + F

AMG10 S 512 R AMG10 S 512 R B3/B10
AMG71 S25 S2048 W4B AMG71 S29 S2048 W4B
AMG81 C13 Z0 AMG81 P13 T2048
AMG81 P13 Z0 AMG81 P29 H2048
AMG81 P29 T2048 AMG81 P29 Z0
AMG81 S24 T 2048 AMG81 S25 T 2048
AMG81 S25 Z0