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Thyristor Power Controller TYA

Three-phase thyristor power controller JUMO TYA S202 70.9066

Three-phase thyristor power controller JUMO TYA S20270.9066

Three-phase thyristor power controller

Three-phase thyristor power controller in three-phase economy circuit (two of three phase). The JUMO TYA S202 represents a cost-optimized version of the JUMO TYA 202 and is also used to control larger resistive and inductive loads. This is carried out using pulse group control. Areas of application include industrial furnace construction and plastics processing.

  • Subordinate: control loop U, U2 (standard), I, I2, P (optional)
  • Load type: Resistive load, resistive inductive load, cold/warm ratio 1:16, transformer load, infrared emitter (short, medium, long-wave)
  • Load voltage: 400 V, 460 V, 500 V
  • Load currents: 20 A, 32 A, 50 A, 100 A, 150 A, 200 A, 250 A
  • Approval: cULus
  • Special features: Economy circuit, mains load optimization, dual energy management, "Teach-In" function (partial load failure detection), "r-control" (resistance limitation), intelligent diagnosis system, integrated semiconductor fuse, device configuration without auxiliary voltage, vibrant display, "True RMS" (root mean square)
  • Control voltage: Control voltage = load voltage
  • Operating modes: Phase-angle control, burst-firing operation; half-wave control; SSR logical operation; fast logical operation, alpha start; soft start
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to +70°C
  • System interfaces: RS422/485, PROFINET
  • Configuration: Setup/USB-powered; plain text display on the device

Stock models with short delivery times:

709066/8-01-020-00-400-00 709066/8-01-032-00-400-00
709066/8-01-020-00-400-54 709066/8-01-032-00-400-54
709066/8-01-020-01-400-00 709066/8-01-032-01-400-00
709066/8-01-020-01-400-54 709066/8-01-032-01-400-54
709066/8-01-050-00-400-00 709066/8-01-100-00-400-00
709066/8-01-050-01-400-00 709066/8-01-100-01-400-00
709066/8-01-050-00-400-54 709066/8-01-100-00-400-54
709066/8-01-050-01-400-54 709066/8-01-100-01-400-54
709066/8-01-100-01-400-00 709066/8-01-150-01-400-00
709066/8-01-200-00-400-00 709066/8-01-200-00-400-00
709066/8-01-250-00-400-00 709066/8-01-250-01-400-00