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Thyristor power controllers REVO, Relay and CD3000

REVO S is an ideal solution to replace contactors, saving both space and wiring time. Relay S is a family of thyristor units suitable to drive single and three phase loads. Suitable for resistive and infrared loads. Supply voltage up to 480V or 600V AC. From 30 to 210A. Fully isolated from the power. Each phase formed by two thyristors in anti-parallel to give long life. Zero Crossing Firing. Logic input signal SSR 4-30V DC. Constant current drain, independent of supply voltage. Analogue input 0-10V or 4-20mA, is available as an option. Side by side mounting. Special design for heatsink with high dissipation value. DIN base plate and bulk head for panel mounting. IP20 protection. Comply with CE and cUL specification.

REVO M has been designed to meet the most demanding applications in a simple way. Single and three phase thyristor units up to 210A. Relay is a true universal unit where it is possible to select the control mode and firing type with the unit online and working. This allows the unit to establish starting and running strategy for power load management. RS485 comm Modbus protocol and other standard bus protocols are available. Dual front panel display that allows full configuration of the unit when a PC or PPC and configuration software are not available. Front panel indication of current, voltage and power value plus all the other parameters at different security levels. Selection of voltage and power control modes with added option of switching between the two modes during the process. No special tools necessary for the engineer during start up or during any ongoing maintenance procedures, even the screwdriver can be left at home.

REVO CL is for Load type: Normal resistive, infrared long, short and medium waveform, Silicon Carbide and cold resistance. Inputs: 0-10V dc, 4-20mA, 10kpot, SSR, RS485. Firing mode: Burst Firing, Single Cycle, Soft Start + Phase Angle, Delayed Triggering. Operating temperature: 0 to 40° C without derating. Control mode: V2, V Voltage, VxI Power and current I. RS485 port. RTU Modbus Protocol. Comply with EMC and cUL (Pending). Option Current Transformer + HB.

CD3000E is specially developed to drive high power 2/3 Phase transformer loads where it is necessary to compensate resistance change. The PM3000 can drive resistive or transformer loads with delta or star connection without neutral wire. CD3000E is a full digital and universal Thyristor unit based on a verypowerful dedicated micro configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, firing modes, control modes and loads types. Integrated fixed fuses and all what is necessary to have a complete power control zone including current transformer and optional circuit board. Two leg switching three wires load star or delta connections. Suitable to drive resistive loads and three phase transformer. Frontal Key Pad to control the unit and to read power, current and voltage value. Universal Input signal with automatic zero/span calibration. Universal Firing modes, customer configurable via Rs485 comm. Modbus or communication port as Burst Firing, Single Cycle and Delayed Triggering. Power, voltage control mode. Unbalanced load and Heater Break Alarm. RS 485 port. Modbus protocol.