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Power Control Modules REVO C - WiFi, USB, Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet

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CD Automation
CD Automation

REVO C is a high reliability universal power regulator that has an advanced microprocessor that makes it universal and completely configurable via software. Particular attention was paid to the Connectivity with the most popular Field Buses and to the management of the unit via Wi-Fi (optional) with CD Automation APP to be installed on your Smartphone.

CD Automation
  • Single-phase REVO C-1PH.
  • Three-phase REVO C-2PH two-phase control (for non-neutral loading).
  • Three-phase REVO C-3PH three-phase control (for non-neutral loading).
  • All types of load - resistive, inductive, mixed.
  • Built-in fuses on all models.
  • Range of regulators for loads from 30 to 800 A.
  • Rugged short-circuit protection up to 100K (SCCR).
  • Maximum voltage at load 480/600/690 V.
  • OLED display for configuration and diagnostics.
  • Universal configurable control input with auto-adjustment of zero.
  • Feedback by voltage, rise rate, current or power.
  • Measuring effective values of current, voltage and power with an accuracy of 1%.
  • Current limiter for transient compensation.
  • All thyristor switching types: SC / ZC / BF / S+BF / PA / S+PA / DT.
  • Function "Heater Break Alarm".
  • Communication via USB interface or wireless Wi-Fi.
  • Parameterization and configuration of regulators with Software.
  • Interfaces Modbus RTU (RS485), Ethernet TCP, Profibus, Profinet.
  • Integrated data logging with SD card.
  • Programmable data logging intervals on the SD card.
  • APP for communication via smartphone (Apple or Android).
  • Remote service from the CD Automation manufacturer.

With REVO C you will never be left alone with problems. The CD Automation company will provide you with remote support via your smartphone. A wide range of communication protocols REVO C - Modbus RTU, Ethernet TCP, Profibus, Profinet, WiFi and USB port for data transfer.

CD Automation
  • APP Download: to install the application on your smartphone or tablet, go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store, download and install "CD Automation Connect".
  • Monitor: you can select one of the included REVO C regulators and see its main characteristics on your smartphone screen.
  • Configuration: under "Setup", you can click the icon indicating the connection to the download and download the proposed configuration.
  • Remote Service: with this function you can download the REVO C configuration, write questions and comments there and automatically send them to the factory. You will receive an answer from CD Automation.
  • Connection: you can use this feature to enable or disable Wi-Fi connectivity in the regulator REVO C.
CD Automation
  • Overview: On this screen, you can select the REVO C unit with which you have wireless communication and view its status.
  • Status: RUN, ON, DI.1, DI.2.
  • Alarms: notices and alarm are displayed on this screen:
    • SC indicates a short circuit in one or both thyristors.
    • HB The diagnostics function (heater break alarm) notifies about a defect, detects and determines where exactly a load circuit break or a power thyristor breakdown is located. It is possible to detect a load circuit break or a power thyristor breakdown.
    • TH indicates that the allowable outlet temperature of the regulator has been exceeded.
    • CL indicates that the maximum current limiter of the regulator has been activated.
  • Values: This screen shows the current voltage and current respectively at volts and amps and also the power in the load as a percentage of the maximum power.
CD Automation
  • Select Setting: this function makes the work of engineers much easier. The procedure for using it is very simple.

    On this screen you can view all displayed control schemes (icons) as long as you find the desired one and touch it.

    Other the application will ask you to specify the type of load: normal resistive, cold resistive or primary transformer winding with resistive load on the secondary winding.

    When the choice of the load is made, the application will offer you a ready-made configuration package, which you download to your REVO C with one click.
CD Automation
  • Remote Control: In this screen, you can select REVO C from the following functions and parameters that are connected to monitor:
    • voltage and current respectively at volts and amps and also power in load as a percentage of maximum power.
    • turn the REVO C controller on or off.
    • local or remote control.
    • power in load as a percentage of maximum power (value set).
    • set current limit.
    • current value of the current in amperes and in percentage of the set limit.

Below are some screenshots of the thyristor regulators configurator REVO C.

CD Automation
      Click to zoom in

This page is used to set all REVO C controls in quick mode. On the left side, all possible electrical connections between the regulator and the load are removed. The operator selects the desired circuit and a list of load types is automatically displayed, e.g. normal resistance, infrared medium, long or short wave emitter or transformer can be selected. When this selection is made, a proposed configuration package will appear on the right, which the operator can modify at his discretion before loading.
CD Automation

This configurator page is very useful and can be used to test all regulators of CD Automation production. Here you can read and write and select various parameters: voltage, current and power, analog input signal or SSR, control mode V, I or VxI. Thyristor switching types are also available: half cycle, single cycle, packet switching, phase current threshold delay and soft start. On this page, you can activate the load analyzer «Load Analizer».
CD Automation

On this page you can activate the "Load Analyzer", which is very useful and is actually a built-in oscilloscope where you can see the waveform and estimate up to ten variables. This feature is very important because the operator can check if the shape of the adjustable voltage matches the task and expectations. In addition, this feature is very useful for troubleshooting and adjusting settings.
CD Automation

Saving variables and control process parameters. REVO C has a 16 GB SD card with programmable variable recording interval. In the case of long intervals, the recording can be up to 10 years. For other CD Automation controllers, the recording intervals are fixed.

Thyristor power regulators CD3000M, REVO-M, CD3000E and REVO-E are discontinued. The new generation of REVO-C power controllers are offered to replace generations - with configuration and technical support capabilities from the manufacturer over the Wi-Fi wireless channel via smartphone, as well as a wide range of communication protocols - Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet and USB.